Detect 8 types of skin peels contain toxic ingredients

8 categories of Chinese products, the specific type of skin masks, has just been discovered containing chemicals affect consumer health, skin masks, ...

According to the latest news on the Chinese newspapers, past food administration and the Chinese medicine has just announced the test results for cosmetics, skin masks, of which there are eight types of masks that contain chemicals, corticosteroids cause harm to the health of consumers.

8 types of masks that contain chemicals harmful to consumer health cover combines intensive moisturising mask mask and collapse of 3D face limited liability company LongYoung Day, Shanghai; Se small pore mask of limited liability companies in high technology Zhen Mei; Alkaline herbal tea oil mask, acne treatment technology company's biotech Ao Gu; Water moisturizing mask Hyaluronic Acid Mask and skin mask, the clouded bruises along the company's Tian Zi Li, Guangzhou; Silk mask anti aging cosmetics company Mei lian bao; The company's Whitening mask cosmetics Qing Xiu Ri, Zhaoqing. All the aforementioned products were found to contain the banned substance clobetasol propionate.

Picture 1 of Detect 8 types of skin peels contain toxic ingredients

Picture 1 of Detect 8 types of skin peels contain toxic ingredients

Detects many types of Chinese cosmetics contain dangerous chemicals

Clobetasol propionate, known in glucocorticoid chemicals also known as corticosteroids. Ā Medications have dangerous side effects, such as: How do osteoporosis, hypertension, which causes thrombosis clog veins, can cause stomach ulcers, lowers the body's resistance easily lead to infection. In particular, if the use of corticosteroids in long time will risk the adrenal glands atrophy.

Use of cosmetics containing corticosteroids for long periods can cause skin atrophy, Striae, the skin vulnerable to infection due to loss of resistance. If lather or face by this chemical, the facial skin will appear red caviar, li little acne. Moreover, the drug can seep through the skin into the bloodstream causing whole-body effects.=

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