Don't let summer make it difficult for you, remember the important notes when wearing this makeup

Choose the right chalk for summer makeup

Like other cosmetics, cushion also has high-end and drugstore, but these are not the ones you care about when choosing for yourself the best water chalk for summer makeup.

Some summer makeup tips recommend using powder foundation to limit oil secretion. However, you can still use water chalk if following these precautions.

Therefore, the first factor when you choose water-based chalk is to consider your ability to refine your oil as well as their grip on the skin surface is long and stable? The whole family should prioritize the selection of those who have the ability to control the oil at the average level or higher and the grip must be over 6 - 7 hours. These types of quick-down tones will make your face slick and aesthetically pleasing, while playing and watching to make your makeup very unpleasant, right?

The second factor you should consider when choosing water for summer makeup is the effect on the skin and the ability to conceal. We should prioritize the types that can cover easily encountered defects such as red acne nodules, freckles, large pores, . especially the deep-eyed, bruised, long-lasting melasma, the women must definitely thanks to concealer.

Summer is harsh and sunny if you are lazy to wear sunscreen separately, choosing a water with a high SPF is also a safe and effective skin protection plan.

Summer makeup is a stretchy skin with mineral spray

To make yourself a skin full of vitality. After finishing your summer makeup, use a spray of light spray on your face. Not only used when make-up. With the effect of providing water and cooling. Mineral spray is also used regularly for summer days to keep skin moisturized and smooth.

Use alkaline sunscreen when wearing summer makeup

Sunscreen is always the thing of our women. With hot weather, you should choose for yourself sunscreen that works for oily skin. Because they both help your sensitive skin not react and help the oil on your skin.

Son tint - indispensable item of summer makeup

Son tint is one of their summer saviors. This type of lipstick comes in liquid form to make the lips feel soft, shiny and does not dry the lips. You can also be satisfied because the color does not drift when eating. This summer, it's time you shine with all kinds of super tint lipstick.


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