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Like the face, the lips should also be Scrubs. The Scrubs will help regain the original color on lips, at the same time remove the layer smooth humidifier than lipstick. To do this, you use the tooth brush and gently brush the fuzz up the main part of the upper lip and the lip ring.

If no brushes dedicated, you can seep into the warm water and towels to rub gently onto the lips is similar to the use of the brush.

Another way to remove dead skin is used in sugar and honey. Stir the mixture and then massaged them on the lips. Honey contains many natural substances will help to protect the environment have the ability to remove the dead skin. After Exfoliating cream lip balm, you ought to have the best effect.


Moisturizing is essential for sewing the lips. You should moisturize the lips around the year not to wait until the new winter. Here's how to help overcome the dry lips dark, chappy. Choose a lip balm or moisturizing cream with natural essential oil ingredients such as Aloe Vera, honey, almond oil, beeswax, lard, butter, vaselin refined olive oil, vitamin C, vitamin A ...

In addition, you should use a lip moisturizer has SPF 15 minimum rot will keep the lips are smoother.

From quit smoking

Smoking not only makes your breath smell but also main causes prompting tarnishes lips and less cheery. From quit smoking will somewhat limit the fiscal environment and significantly improve health status for you.

The diet and provide adequate water

Deep lips is a sign that your diet is lacking in vitamin B. provision of sufficient B vitamins will avoid for your dry lips chappy. Besides, drinking enough water also contribute greatly help the lips are pink. Drink enough 2.5 liters of water every day will help improve dull colored deep lips.

Don't lick the lips

Licking the lips is the culprit causing the lips become chapped more. The licking of the lips will lose natural oil layer protection of the lips, dry lips, chapped and from which were strongly stain human lips slowly away. So you should absolutely give up this bad habit.

Choose lipstick properly

What kind of lipstick contain more lead will make your lips penetrating. In addition, son directly onto the lips without the initial nursing classes also causes this condition. Therefore, when buying lipstick, you should test lead of the son by the way, obliterate son up then use the hand mu jewelry with gold rub.

If the black lipstick, the kind of son that contains lead. The higher the lead content of black as much. If your lips are inherently inferior to the Pinky, then do not use this type of son. Before you hit the son, you should apply the class balm or cream background, chalk up the lips also helps protect the lips to avoid deep black.=