Hà Hồ changes his makeup style but why he doesn't look familiar

If you have to mention a typical name for the beauty that accompanies the years of Vbiz, Ho Ha Ho is one of the beauties we cannot help but mention. With the increasingly mature beauty of a 1-child mother, plus a great aesthetic practice, Ho Ngoc Ha has always been young and beautiful despite the time.

Whatever choice for her makeup style, the entertainment queen has always appeared impressive and luxurious. Not only that, she is also one of the Vietnamese beauties leading the red lipstick movement in a classic way. With this type of makeup, she often presses simple eyes on black eyes and gently wavy hair.

Recently, she also made the boys stand still with extremely impressive makeup. Ho Ngoc Ha chooses a slanted eyeliner with thick and sharp eyeliner, pressing attractive eyes. The beautiful girl also eloquently declared, "Should I go to a boy's birthday tonight to make this face okay?".

Ho Ngoc Ha excitedly asked netizens to see if makeup like this could go on a birthday party?

After looking, everyone laughed because the layout was so light and misty but the eyes were so sharp like this.

Ho Ngoc Ha chose to emphasize the eyes with sharp eyeliner, nude lips that are completely opposite but bring balance and harmony to the review.

Ha Ho is considered as one of the few Vbiz beauties who dares to show their bare face with flawless smooth skin. But in recent days, it seems that Ha Ho is gradually "darkening" the makeup contours, making her grow old and "evil" in a confusing way. The online community is also startled by this new, unsuccessful makeup change of the entertainment queen.

Owning sharp and pretty lines, Ho Ngoc Ha just needs gentle makeup and is already too beautiful.


Like many women, Ha Ho always makes up to have a proper image when going out. But few people know that, sometimes, beautiful people only use three basic cosmetics to create radiance for the face. You can also learn this quick makeup trick of Ha Ho, skip the difficult make-up steps, just befriended with water powder, blush, and lipstick.

Sweet pink lips also honor the beauty of her heaven more brilliant.

The beauty of sweet when using pink eye color and lipstick, when using the sharp makeup of a single child becomes . harder to approach.

Changing the makeup to refresh yourself is good, but Ha Ho should consider moderate tones to become as beautiful as shimmering as before.