His intensive cure armpit from cucumber

Summer, bikini, tank top shirt season, the season of the dress, but I dare not even crank. Because ... the skin under the arm can't be nice, lam dep, Barnabas, the United States space shuttle past dua page pond, summer ...

I usually handle the "micro-hairs" under the arm by tweezers. So that each day a large pores, not to mention the skin dark brown looks very bad. I never dare to wear sleeveless jackets despite the weather hot oi.

Once, sister-in-law to the play homes, find a home that summer I also wear the sleeveless smiling sailings, sealed says I'm ancient. Hot summers is the most plausible reason to ... skin breeze breeze the meat. Closed as I carry. I please bring something "the secret" to share with you. She smiled "idea-what's the big deal". She said that, she elected cu Bin, hormonal changes cause dark skin dark screamed. Ms. White capital at that skin back strongly stain human-intensive, especially armpit, looks extremely ugly. Then again, she didn't dare vote are topical cream or use what measures to improve. May thanks to colleagues convey the "scroll" which she has overcome "dark ages".

She tells me to use the cucumber mixed with wheat flour and olive oil, making the mixture for the exfoliation of the skin under the arms. The skin of this region often grainy, penetrating, most strongly stain human is due to improper care, not to exfoliate regularly. Cucumbers are often used as skin, white masks dark circles eye area because cucumbers contain more vitamin E, C and natural skin whitening gel. Wheat also contain many vitamins and minerals help whiten the skin. The most powerful feature of olive oil is anti-aging, renewable and recoverable bad skin, helps the skin under the arm of white medium medium smooth stretch.

I follow her, pureed 1 cucumber, mixed with 2 teaspoons flour and 1 spoonful of olive oil. When take a bath, I clean the skin a weekly, and then use the mixture under skin hydratant DAB hand massage, continuously for 15 minutes to take away the layer of dead cells. Then, a bath with clean water. Just do so twice a week, just after 1 month, I noticed this blotchy areas improved. White clear and smooth over tensions.

Pureed 1 cucumber fruit

Add 2 spoons of flour

And 1 spoonful of olive oil

Is mixed treatment intensive great armpit on both expected

This summer, I no longer hesitate when an Austrian skirts sexy.=

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