If you do not pretend to be a girl, once makeup is mixed, Khanh Duy Khanh does not lose any Vietnamese beauties

Duy Khanh is known as a multi-talented artist, an actor who can transform into many beloved roles, capable of interpretation, he is also the champion of familiar faces 2018.

Not only has the talent to transform in the roles, Duy Khanh is also one of the actors with the most beautiful ability to fake girls Vbiz. Every time you wear sexy clothes, Duy Khanh's wig and makeup make many boys ecstatic because of their gentle beauty, beautiful physique and even jealous girls. And the beauty of Vbiz's beautiful beauties, Duy Khanh's holy girl also makes these beauties wary because of the overwhelming dominance.

On a tour abroad, Duy Khanh 'girl' had a beautiful time with Huong Tram.

Appearing in a product of Bich Phuong, Duy Khanh also had a moment of sisters and sisters with the singer Going on a swing and creating an equally feminine feature.

Elegant makeup, cleverly hiding the masculine features, standing next to the beauty Vbiz Minh Hang, Duy Khanh received surprisingly sweet fruits.

Even in a photo taken with Ho Ngoc Ha, many people commented that the actor had a more elegant and pretty face than the entertainment queen because Ha Ho's face was quite thin.

If not, who knows that it is Duy Khanh who is pretending to be a girl, many people mistakenly believe that an emerging beauty is taking a picture with singer Pham Quynh Anh.

No need to wear makeup or a wig, Duy Khanh is always natural and beautiful with the handsome Gille.

Together standing in the same frame with the false saints like Hai Trieu, BB Tran, Duy Khanh 'surpassed' their seniors because of their extremely beautiful beauty.

Kha Nhu is normally beautiful and sharp, when sitting next to the beauty of this perfect girl, she had to give up a few parts.

Duy Khanh possesses delicate facial features, white skin and high nose bridge and big round eyes. Normally he's extremely masculine and strong like a god .

Shooting extremely cool and enchanting women.

Not inferior to any Korean hotboy at all.

But on the map, Duy Khanh turns into a completely different person. Duy Khanh's beauty is like a real hot girl.

There is no need for elaborate makeup, Duy Khanh makeup dew is also enough to cause death.

The actor has diverse transformations in many different images.

From long hair, curly curls to shoulder-length hair .

Or extremely personal and attractive in ruffled latin hair.

Straight blond hair with extremely cute thin bangs and plump lips, big round eyes . Duy Khanh turned into a beauty of thousands of people.

Duy Khanh's beautiful face and body are also extremely slim and soft.

The small legs are too cute. This is the double of a man but the dream of many girls.