If you want to create accents on the beginning of spring, try to learn 11 impressive makeup ways later

So another year has passed, we are in the joyful atmosphere to welcome the new year. At this time, many women have been preparing to wear loose clothes to go to the streets to welcome the new year. If you still do not have ideas for makeup, hair styling for this special occasion, let's take a look at 10 suggestions from trendy girls below to get the most attractive appearance.

The hottest makeup trend in Korea in recent days and promising to continue to explode in 2018 is makeup with shiny foundation. To have a smooth white skin, do not skip the moisturizing step for the skin, and use BB cushion types to help the foundation to be thin and smooth. Then, you use a pearl-based powder that has a light emulsion to cover the bridge of the nose and cheeks for a radiant face.

If you want to wear impressive makeup for the year-end festival, you can learn Chotika Wongwilas studded at the end of the eyes to help create unique accents for the face. Adorn with a pair of big earrings, you've probably captured the spotlight tonight.

Want to impress and still have the background, you can change to makeup with orange tones with the highlight is the eye shadow. Don't forget to create blocks and brush the earth orange cheeks for a sharper face.

For those who like simplicity but still power, you should use red lipstick, eyeliner and gentle mascara as the face is really attractive.

This year is the year of the throne of purple tones and you can completely apply to your makeup by makeup in favor of purple pink tones. In the beginning of the new year, you can apply a little bold makeup to add fresh, fun.

If you want to hack a little bit older, then you should choose a makeup layout that focuses on orange tones, press a nice little beret.

This year's festive season, the eye shadow style is pretty much her favorite. Pressing a little more eyeshadow powder on the eyelids or the lower eyelids will help the eyes look deeper


You also don't necessarily have to follow the same color tone, you can combine orange eyeshadow and light pink lipstick like this girl to get a fresh and youthful appearance to celebrate the new year.

For those who love the natural makeup, you can choose the gentle lip gloss colors, the lip gloss also has a light moisturizing level to help prevent dry lips that show up in the dry weather .

. or gently apply lipstick on lips, press eyes with eyeshadow.

On the contrary, with those girls who love to wear dark makeup, they can "play big" when choosing an impressive lipstick color that is more of a deep red tone. As for the eyes, you should also wear a thick eyeliner and apply a little thick mascara to overall balance.