Immeasurable risk with '' plastic wrap waist reduction

(MissNews)-2 cm waist Reduction after just one night with plastic wrap smeared cream fat, weight loss method God speed sister being shared more on facebook, the ice cream melt fat ...

Photo : Immeasurable risk with '' plastic wrap waist reduction

Immeasurable risk with  

Spills ice cream melt fat belly wrap insulation plastic attachment to "seduce" women

48000 and 600,000 results as statistics on google when users type in keyword "wrap plastic belly fat reduction", "ice cream melt the fat," a weight loss God speed that the women are leaked each ear.

A month ago, the beauty of this method temporarily to be preteen by the spa and the sisters sell cosmetics online. Stroll through facebook, or website of the beauty spa, large and small, all users can see the mental weight loss method ad rate by plastic. In addition, a range of creams dissolve fat, essential oil of unknown origin, fat beat origin posted with widespread selling.

An ad for ice cream melt the fat GL. posted the following: "Dab cream on areas that need fat soluble like biceps, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs ... day 2 times breakfast, dinner. Circular spiral shaped massage belly, limbs of vertical massage. Massage gel for the permeability of 10-15 p. Then wrap the plastic ring (plastic). Don't bet the stick does not need washing again. When active (go to school, go to work), the gel still exert defeated the excessive fat.

Superior fat melting effect, does not need to exercise that still rising just 6-12cm waist, compact biceps, calves, waist, toned body, weight standard routed without fat tired. 100% no side effects, no skin irritation though is most sensitive skin ... ".

Along with the use of the "gods" of the plastic wrap, the seller do not forget to upload the stream of feedback (feedback) "very reputable" on facebook. Accordingly, they posted photos of customers before and after the plastic wrap weight loss along with the message "only 1 night and I fell over 2 cm waist", "just use baby belly" saw, "feeling fat" captured immediately.

The same plastic wrap method of burning fat, but each one advised using FAT-melting ice cream, with essential oil, grease or shine gel ginger essential oil ... of different labels that no airline would be proven safe. This creams there are plenty of reviews, from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of bottle. Typical: 3 days (Thailand) 160,000 Council, Easter Lishou Lin (China), handmade ice cream 480,000 from 150,000-300,000 dong, cold gel tan Dong, Glamilda 300,000 500,000 fat co. ..

The truth behind weight loss method "divine"

Photo : Immeasurable risk with '' plastic wrap waist reduction

Immeasurable risk with  

Today, the ad comes the feedback message is a marketing top sales people online or use. Creating messages using the familiar good feedback or use other sim is not difficult. Don't know the other feedback message how much percent is real, but not a few users try to reflect the truth to the contrary. Annoyed, blistering, itching for snoring is a symptom of users.

H.My (Hanoi) said: "once combined with wine ice cream melt fat and ginger, and then plastic wrap overnight. Hot flashes! Fat burning sensation under the skin pancake pancake was great. But not popular 5 days because of persistent itchiness. Sleep, then rotate the right side, the other side, fingers on scratching. Some day after li ti pimples due to skin. Scratching rumbling, then quit! ".

SOI on the cosmetics melt fat, these ingredients indicated on the cream, gel, essential oils ... are all these strong irritation such as Chili, ginger, caffeine. Labels on the boxes are sketchy, did not specify the composition, source, origin. The topical creams on the skin causing abdominal fragile belly often have the feeling of hot, burning, burns ran as being fat Sun-burn.

Along with the wrap plastic tightly into the abdomen, women feeling the abdomen being squeeze for firm again. But those with very sensitive skin prone to irritation, burning hot then light, on-site heavy lather, blush than can the virus and bulging skin, flowing water and then the pimples. There have been many cases of allergic dermatitis, fat melting ice cream, are long out of the new.

Use this weight loss method is said to lack scientific, potential risk affecting the health. In the opinion of the dermatologist, essentially the melting fat cream works or not is still debatable, by many of the ingredients of the ice cream as ginger, chilies, caffeine ... be recognized as having the effect of resolution or "burn" fat.

However, even if that is true, the substances also could not seep down to the deep fat layers. Therefore, the Foundation of the abdominal fat, hips, thighs ... thinning after topical cream is not possible. The ice cream melts fat, actually has the effect of making the skin, causing the skin to be smeared seems more compact, toned. That is why many people mistakenly thought was the ice cream did melt the fat under the skin.

Talking about the method of burning fat by plastic wrap, Le Xuan Hiep analysis: "sensation felt during the wrap is because the skin reacts with hot products, rather than the phenomenon of burning fat. This is only a measure of the heat used to lose temporary water, body weight will be back as usual if drinking enough water ".

Even the lotion and just water loss hot spot. After use, the Sisters felt more compact, but only at a later, the body was compensated enough water will return as the original. Also, in the ice cream melted fat skin substances, , skin whitening should sometimes users fool by the feeling of seeing the skin more beautiful, more smooth ... then reassurance was the result.

Contrary to the beauty, plastic wrap, hot cream topical lubricant can cause injury to hit the skin and other body cells by exposure to temperatures too high. So far, the training methods of the sport is still way fat reduction is safe and effective for that doctors recommend./.