Learn English princess charming hair tips

Special occasions such as a birthday, a party, go to events, you can learn how to do the hair and charming impression of Princess. After shampooing and hair normally, you spray gel to hold sticky on wet hair, covered from feet to the flame to the next step made easier.

Then you hairdryer until the new moisture also used to comb comb to avoid broken shed. You note, when you remove your hand, drying the curls to dry hair faster.

When the hair near your hair section split khôm above the top of the V-shaped, longer hair on the lower part of the double turn.

Then you book into small bun of hair section to the left, the right hair part temporarily to the mezzanine.

Part the hair curls by bending your right circular comb and the hair. The substance of the strategy is the most ideal because it helps keep the heat from the dryer, from which help the hair to the fastest literatures.

When the right hair has dried completely, remove the hair from the comb and hot rolled by hand to create the waves. Pin the curls with a dedicated folder.

You do the same with the left side.

Part the hair on the top you divide each roof section up to gradually pull literatures, comb the hair backwards to create the level of inflation.

Then you slowly perm by circular comb and the hair.

You bend literatures of blood type that you plan to make. Note When the hairdryer to heat the OT on the surface will dry the skin.

Pull the curls on top of the head to the back and pinned back by clamps. Wait for the hair to cool before permanently remove pins.

Remove the hair pins and massage each literatures by balm, stretching from the root to the tops but not used to comb comb. Turn the star hair and adjust roof sections to suit the style of Kate Middleton.=