Learn how to draw cat eyes to make beautiful round eyes as attractive as Lisa (Black Pink)

Lisa (BlackPink) is the Thai-Korean star who owns the most "followers" of 29.6 million followers on Instagram. The reason she is so famous is thanks to her talent. Art, fashion sense is different and especially beauty regardless of its aesthetic standards.

Especially Lisa's cat eye makeup is extremely famous for beauty because it is not only simple but it also has great aesthetic effects. Lisa already owns a very clear eyelid but her eyes are very clear and "gentle" so in order to follow the "girlcrush" image, Lisa believes in drawing cat eyes to help her change her mood to 360 degree.

Step 1 : Apply eyeliner from the beginning to the end of the eye, note that the eyeliner should not be too dark or too thin and must be iron eyelash. Hold your wrists steady to prevent wrinkles on the eyeliner.

Step 2 : Draw the border from the corner of the eye to cross up so that it intersects with the line drawn in step 1. Cat's eye will be more successful if you align the corner of the corner of the eyeliner is 1 angle from 35-40 degree.

Step 3 : Use a pen or brush to adjust the softness for the intersection between the two eyeliner lines

Step 4 : Use a cotton swab to spread the ink evenly on the entire inner part of the eye contour

Step 5 : Curl lashes, apply mascara or use fake baby lashes in the shape of a baby doll or curved 3d volume to help open the bigger eye corners and make eyelids more prominent. Take care to apply the mascara to both the lower lashes and apply eyeshadow to the lower eyelid.

Step 6 : Use dark eyeshadow to press the eyelids and eyelids like bronze brown, orange brown, brick-brown, . Finally highlighting the lower eyelashes and puffiness will make the eyes big and much brighter.