Learn immediately the makeup of Vietnamese stars, promising to become hot trend in 2019

1. Lip gloss

In the middle of the reign of domination, it seemed the endless length of lipstick, the lip gloss still sat on the red carpet, signaling that the lustrous lips would reign in 2019. In fact, the reintroduction of lip gloss was soon Beauty experts around the world forecast from last year and therefore, the fact that Miss Huong Giang, Miss My Linh, The Face Tu Hao Champion chose this trend to be at the most popular event of the year for see the ability to catch very fast trend of Vietnamese beauties.

It is easy to see the most popular lip gloss at the event is nude like orange and brown. Natural tones combined with cool lipstick make the lips more thick and sexy, plus high reflection to help owners shine brightly in every frame. With all these advantages, lip gloss is the trend of makeup that is worth trying the number one for beauty believers in the new year.

2. Smoky eyes - nude lips

If you ask if the trend is never old makeup on the red carpet, the most convincing answer is the smoky eye combo - nude lips. Where there is a red carpet event, there will certainly be the appearance of this familiar recipe and this event is no exception.

Not only gives the owner a sexy look, this makeup is also suitable for all skin tones, hair colors and costume colors. Although pursuing individual styles but both Miss H'Hen Niê, Minh Tu, Le Hang runner-up, singer Khong Tu Quynh both chose the style of smoky eye makeup - lips naked and shining in a separate way, showing the natural Great variation of this makeup recipe. Because of that, the smoky eye combo - nude lips will definitely be hot and long.

3. Makeup "tones"

Monochrome makeup with eyes, lips and cheeks has been on the list of hot beauty trends since last year and is expected to remain on this year's list. This is clearly shown by the appearance of Jolie Nguyen, Jun Vu, Min, Thuy Dung runner-up on the last red carpet.

If Jolie Nguyen makes people face to admire with the pink makeup and gentle makeup like a flower, Jun Vu and Thuy Dung scored in subtle orange tones, while Min displayed a Korean-style makeup monochrome. National. If you think that makeup style is the same color as the eyes, lips, cheeks, then it is boring that you are wrong.

4. Red lipstick

Red carpet will no longer be red carpet if there is no red lipstick on the lips of beauty. In this beautiful, unchanging classic lipstick color, beautiful people like Hoang Thuy Linh, Chi Pu, Ha Lade, Thieu Bao Tram and Thuy Trang have really "hypnotized" the camera lens.

Although each year has a new lip color that causes fever, the red lipstick is always the true love of believers beautified by the luxurious, unmixed power. If there is a trend that you can rest assured from year to year without fear of being lost, it is red lipstick.