Learn the make-up trend of Korean stars with these 4 beauties

Not wearing what makes the 'sister association' have a headache, the makeup style that is suitable for New Year's Day is equally important. Make up with orange, pink tones that are too boring, then quickly 'look' at the female idols below, surely you will have good options to 'paint' your sister with you. !

Irene - Make up blush makeup

Called by the netizens as the `` visual queen '' of Kpop, Irene is commented that just applying lipstick is enough to make people look ecstatic. In addition to the well-makeuped events, Irene also often makeup 'dew' but still beautiful despite. In particular, the makeup of blushing pink cheeks drunk by Red Velvet leader recently has been popularized by Korean girls.

No need to apply makeup, after completing the simple makeup manipulations such as foundation, foundation, eyebrows, etc., do not forget to create highlights for the face with pink cheeks. Please!

Taeyeon - Cheeks freckles

The voice of Four Seasons is famous for its 'hacking age' face thanks to its flawless white skin and extremely youthful lines.

Experiencing many types of makeup from dark to light, but perhaps the 'face painting' with gentle makeup with the gentle freckles on the cheek also helps SNSD leader to make fans fall in love.

Makeup in a safe area for too long, try 'learning' Taeyeon and freckle on her cheek. Maybe this is the right way to apply makeup to start the year of the Rat year.

Chungha - studded makeup

Chungha is a booming solo female idol in 2019. In addition to quality music products, the increasingly attractive appearance of the vocalist Gotta go is also praised by the netizens for the 'rain'.

In particular, the brown-tone makeup with sharp eyes highlighting Chungha's small meticulously attached small stones is one of the beauty trends favored by many people.

After you have completed the makeup steps, use one of the 'mini stones' attached to the upper and lower eyelids, making sure you will not sink in the 'forest' of the beauty.

If you want to be really attractive in the beginning of this new year, don't miss this hot makeup!

HyunA - bold lipstick

The new year party is suitable with the bold, sharp makeup concept, she still hesitates without quickly learning HyunA super sexy idol HyunA. The voice of Flower Shower is known for her personal style and bold makeup style.

Simple makeup is a bit okay but just a little highlight with a 'harsh' lipstick that she has become as prominent as HyunA.

Girls who love salty makeup styles, let's quickly catch HyunA's makeup tips. Makeup thin foundation, eyes adorned with deep brown tones and 'latch' with the favorite dark lip color.