Learning Thai stars makeup started the hottest trend in 2020

Throughout the year, wearing Korean style makeup that is gentle and familiar, 2020 you should also change your makeup style a little bit by copying Thai stars. However, do not rush to think that you will paint your face with a thicker layer of powder or thick and bold eyebrows, because the point worth paying attention to transforming is to emphasize for more beautiful eyes, so that even though appearing in the game Any fun you will occupy spotlight waves and attract all your attention.

A cute, mischievous eye-drawing style that anyone can learn from Thailand's "most beautiful ghost" Davika is pressing the "small" love right behind the eyes. The advantage of this makeup style is that it makes the eyes strange and beautiful, not unique, but the downside is that you need the help of others but it is difficult to move by yourself.

The makeup technique with the stone in the middle of the lower eye border is of course familiar to many Vietnamese believers, especially the recently fat princess Quynh Anh has just worn this style on a big day. And under the promotion of the heroine "Flying leaf" Baifern Pimchanok, the sparkling eye makeup style became more and more hot hit, making many women motivated to try.

Kimberley-Thai star Kimberley also scored points for his mesmerizing eyes. If her lower lashes stand out in a dreamy purple color, her upper eyelids will be accentuated by a glittering star-like galaxy.

The perfect replacement for the sharp black eyeliner on the back of Yaya's eyes is the set of calculated pearls and mini stones that bring out the attractive, melancholy impression.

Meanwhile, Taew Natapohn pointed the ultra-thin eyeliner and added a glittering gold-gold heart pattern on top. This is also a simple, eye-catching way of drawing that every girl can imitate easily, making her look more stylish and charismatic.

Cleverly attaching a classic blue-colored round sticker to the eyeliner, Namtarn Pichukkana clearly makes no one can take her eyes off her.

Or if you want to be simpler, you can copy 9X actress Chippy Sirin with a star behind the eyes, which always looks better than normal eyeliner.

A Thai connoisseur of makeup, Bew Vanaporn suggests that an easy eye makeup with the same sparkling effect is a combination of stone, small pearls attached to the lower eyelashes and the upper eyelids in a triangle. , how to apply then you also see a good face to know for it.