Memorize the secret of beautiful makeup for the bleak cold season day

1. Wash your face clean

There is an unwritten rule that facial skin must be clean before applying makeup. Do not foolish to apply any kind of foundation cream on the face of oil, excess dirt, if you do not want to be a little acne in the following days. Anyway, your face wants to be beautiful to be clean first.

Before "dancing", clean your skin with a gentle cleanser. Be careful not to use an exfoliating cleanser right before going out because with rubbing properties, it can make the skin reddened.

2. Apply moisturizer

After washing your face clean, take advantage of the time the skin is still moist to apply lotion. Take a sufficient amount to soften your face only, do not take too much lather before the foundation spreads will be slippery, quickly pour oil. Apply the cream in a gentle, upward motion and pat gently to ensure the nutrients in the cream penetrate the skin better, while stimulating blood circulation under the skin.

3. Choose a light foundation cream

If you want to use a foundation that still looks as natural as possible, prioritize a foundation that has a low to medium coverage. Do not worry that this type of foundation will not cover dark imperfections such as acne, bruises because that is the job of concealer! Focus on evenening your skin tone with a light foundation first. Whether you use your fingers, a sponge, or a brush, make sure you apply the cream thoroughly to the skin, becoming a second skin.

4. Concealer

After applying the whole face, use a small brush to apply concealer to areas of skin that need to be treated, such as dark circles under the eyes, red areas around the nose wings, dark spots, acne . then use. Fingers lightly rubbing. This is the concealer industry that is loved by many leading makeup experts.

5. Coat with chalk

If your face is prone to oiling, do not skip the powdering step after foundation. Note: Use only a small amount of powder and cover only the areas with oily skin such as the T-shaped area and the chin.

6. Brush blush

A little blush will make your face brighter and more youthful. Because we are trying to create a natural makeup layer as much as possible, choose a cream / liquid cheek color because it is easier to spread evenly and applies more to the skin than the chalk. Dab a little dots on your cheeks and spread it evenly with your fingertips until the cheeks look like a natural color.

So you have a good-looking face to say hello to the new day.