Minh Hang changed the makeup style that fans suddenly called Lan Khue

Very hard to transform images and update new trends, especially for this, I must recognize Minh Hang doing very well. Unfortunately, sometimes, she still has F5 displays that look quite . wrong, beautiful yet to see, just feel lost.

This is one of the latest makeup styles that "pé Heo" has just tested. Wet hair combo + smoky eyes + nude lipstick brushed with a darker lip style is really hot in the West but actually not suitable for the facial structure or image of Minh Hang.

A soft and feminine Minh Hang everyday has disappeared, taking the place of a completely different Minh Hang: older and more rigid. If only, if she changed another hairstyle or changed her lipstick, it would be easier for her to breathe .

It's the same makeup type but Kim Kardashian is more suitable. So to say, catching trends is not necessarily the right thing and it is important to know what trends are really right for us.

Netizens also have mixed opinions but many still think that "pé Heo" is more suitable for their daily style. Besides, others also commented that this type of makeup made Minh Hang quite similar to Lan Khue.

But anyway, "pé Pork" just be the "pé Pork" of yesterday: gentle, lovely but still more attractive.

Minh Hang is one of the most attractive female singers Vbiz with a pretty face and sexy curves. The fashion as well as beauty of the female singer is always appreciated. In particular, when he became a judge of two major competitions "Passionate Dance" and "Universal Dance", "Little Pig" asserted his luxurious make-up style.

At the time of joining the entertainment industry, Minh Hang possessed a rustic and quite "native" beauty. Because her round face helps her younger than her age and more charming, the facial features are not very prominent, making her not yet appreciated in terms of beauty.

Not only is the A-class star in the Vietnamese entertainment industry, Minh Hang is also a beauty model that many women admire. At the peak of beauty, the singer also experienced many efforts to lose weight and take care of her appearance to rise to become the "Goddess" Vietnamese showbiz.

Since deciding to change the image towards feminine, softer and sweeter, her fan base also skyrocketed. Not only has the fashion style changed and Minh Hang is not afraid to change his image to become more diverse in the public eye.