Only dew makeup Jisoo still creates admirable peak beauty

Taking on the visual position of BLACKPINK, Jisoo always makes people gossip about her beauty. Lately, that beauty has become more and more flavorful, so it has received more and more attention. Jisoo has been favored as a idol possessing a charisma like an actor, such as Miss Korea, goddess .

As one of the top visuals of 3rd generation, Jisoo rarely let fans disappointed in style, adjusting from a youthful dress style to a "captivating" natural beauty. Even though it is not a genuine Blink, you will agree that with Jisoo's abundant beauty, applying any makeup style is beautiful. And must say that, if the makeup style is charming and charming, Jisoo has more charisma, then the clear face paint style and full lips really make her more attractive and make fans "fall in love". when looking.

Not to mention that the ambassador has a beauty brand, so Jisoo promotes lipstick and blush of the brand, her innocent and cute makeup is also enough to conquer netizens. No need to paint a bold, sharp face, the Black Pink rose scored with a clear appearance, from eyes, cheeks to lips, painted with cute orange tones to know.

This sweet, gentle makeup really suits the face of the "idol" of the female idol born in 1995.

Many times before, Jisoo also impressed with the peach-orange makeup look. And actually, looking at the idol of kimchi, the beauty believers immediately have the idea of ​​painting a natural and genuine face, and "open up" more than lip balm, instead of just taking care of lipstick. Super hard to dry lips.

How many times apply "makeup money" mist formula that Jisoo "catches the heart" of the fans and proves the natural face style, revolves around peach orange tones, pink peaches are still very good!

Remember in the "Kill This Love" MV, her wet, sleek lips combined with the seaweed hairstyles clearly helped her look more attractive, sexy than some glasses.

If you want to be younger than your real age, then you just need to learn from the eldest sister Black Pink to close the bright colors, even use lipstick to use on blush, eye shadow to tone the tone, making the overall become flattering. harmonious.

As you can see, Jisoo often applies this painting tips to bring out the natural beauty without question.

Her favorite lipsticks are usually not too hard, so her lips always look plump like ripe fruits.

Makeup with peach pink mainstream, Jisoo only has water that is pretty "wants to faint" without losing points.