Overcoming the poor makeup of the date of engagement, Quynh Anh was beautiful despite being a snapshot

On February 9, the wedding of Duy Manh - Quynh Anh couple caused a stir in the online community. Of course, the focus of the event was not only the happy face of the young couple, or the gaudy, gorgeous dress of the bride, but also what made netizens interested in was the more beautiful makeup style of the "fat princess". ". This made many people breathless because it seemed that Quynh Anh had learned deeply from the experience of being 'dipped' in the previous questioning ceremony.

On the wedding day, Quynh Anh bride implicitly asserted, the pale lipstick color completely "no door" exists in her major events anymore, but instead is the pink-red lipstick tones and face painting style. haughty, prominent to the throne.

Looking at Quynh Anh with bright lipstick, sharp and regular eyebrows on both sides, you could not even praise the praise!

In return for the poor appearance at the ceremony, she had beautiful moments with her husband. In addition to the contribution of hairstyle, costumes, Quynh Anh in this gentle, flattering makeup style really shines exactly as people expected.

Even when shooting in low light conditions, the bride is still not less beautiful, very sparkly and cute!

Quynh Anh has scored an absolute score from glitter makeup to curly hair. That said, once prepared, the "princess" of Duy Manh is only pretty up!

Excellent appearance in hiccups, so do not take any angle to make Quynh Anh difficult!

In a series of photos of wedding dresses, Quynh Anh also cleverly selected bold, more vibrant tones to flatter her skin and sublime.

The more you look at Quynh Anh, the shining makeup with gentle makeup that netizens increasingly careless about. At the same time, do not forget to hope that the "fat princess" tonight will be radiant, the most beautiful, from a luxurious dress to a luxurious hairstyle and makeup style.

Quynh Anh used to make a regret with her pale, poorly colored makeup during the ceremony. Because of this incident, many people "angry" for her, blaming makeup experts. This makes the online community dissatisfied and disparaging. Before that, she revealed that the person in charge of makeup for her was "jumped into hustle and curse" by many other colleagues instead of comforting and encouraging. "Whoever you are, whatever you do, there is definitely a day you make a mistake. But as a colleague, don't take other people's mistakes to exalt yourself," she wrote.