Recipes cover creases extremely simple

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Use chalk wisely

Photo : Recipes cover creases extremely simple

Recipes cover creases extremely simple Choose cosmetics makeup wise.

Makeup products derived from natural mineral (mineral makeup) which was considered safe for the skin, but does not match the skin has aged. They have fine powder should be very easy to make wrinkles on the skin, floating more clearly. So, if there were signs of aging skin, you should only use a little chalk to create the background for the type of liquid chalk.

Changing techniques and blush to create blocks

Made of soft and emphasize the strokes on the face is the main use of blush and chalk to create cubes. However, with the skin had wrinkled, you need more attention about the techniques and the two types of pollen on the skin. Need less pollen than usual cheeks and DAB them directly onto the two highest place cheek to my face looks radiant and pinky.

For pollen to create blocks, should use these different pastel colors to suit every skin on my face. This helps create a natural stroke and not do my face was tough.

Nude color lipstick

Dark lipstick will highlight the wrinkles, leaving you will be older age. Best lipstick color to conceal the wrinkles around the lips is nude color lipstick optical. You can use the same g beige, peach has a bit of screening mammography that will help increase the effect of glamour, to your lips.


You can use eyeliner water but better please only use them for mi eye on or can taper mascara for lashes on more black and thick but should not taper mascara for lashes under because it may cause wrinkles reveal more clearly.