Red lipstick is still the most powerful weapon to bring seductive beauty to the most sexy girl Kpop

Once upon a time, Hyuna was "thrashing" on every front of the Korean showbiz with a sexy, sexy charm that was hard to equal. Even, she is expected to inherit the 'sexy queen' from Hyori. But in recent years, Hyuna has made netizen become more and more tired because the makeup is hard to understand, when it is pale, 'like being sick', when it is too old.

Hyuna often makes fans 'out of their hearts' because of her lack of natural makeup, which looks like a sick person.

Since breaking up with the old company, Hyuna has spent most of her time resting, dating her boyfriend E'Dawn and preparing for a new music project. In recent times, the 'sexy queen' has just come back to play again and undeniably, she has had a great change in terms of images, especially in makeup.

Owning a bright face with big round eyes and cute smile, but HyunA often conceals her youthful appearance by her lackluster makeup.

Knowing that the way she is personality is the image that the agency has created for HyunA, but many of HyunA's fans think they like to watch her face a bit more sexy, sexy, because they love likes her cuteness, lovely in real life. Recently, HyunA's appearance looked increasingly different when she was "addicted" to painting her face as white as flour.

In the latest set of photos Hyuna made for Vogue magazine, she changed the usual 'sick' style of makeup to return to a glamorous, glamorous image. Taking the red color as the leader, the most impressive point in Hyuna's latest makeup look lies in her brilliant lips. These images are reminiscent of fans of Hyuna's heyday like Bubble Pop or Red - beautiful and sexy.

This is really a Hyuna at the peak that fans still know.

The singer used to make fans worry about terrorism because of her way of dressing.

In fact, Hyuna possesses a rustic face with very gentle and pleasant lines. Whether makeup is glamorous or natural, 'makeup is like no', the singer is very beautiful. So fans are hoping that Hyuna will permanently part ways with a sick person like her, but she 'used the spring to pursue'.