Revealing tips when sleeping helps reduce wrinkles are favored sister association

As time goes by, wrinkles appear to be something everyone will face. Even so, there are simple ways to limit wrinkle formation effectively. Typically, the following 6 tips:

Put a pillow under your arm before you go to sleep

This seemingly simple action can help you limit the appearance of wrinkles on your chest. At first you probably won't get used to sleeping in such a calm position, but over a few weeks you'll notice a significant improvement from your skin to health. Moreover, this posture also helps you sleep better, while avoiding annoying back pain.

Put some objects around your body

It sounds a bit strange, but this way is really effective in preventing wrinkles from appearing. Because during sleep, if you change positions regularly, the body will not be comfortable, so it is difficult to sleep well, thereby making wrinkles appear more. So, try to squeeze yourself into a certain framework, such as placing a few piles of books, a few pillows, or tidy towels . around your body before bed to minimize wrinkles.

Put a pillow under your knee

Having a pillow just below the knee will create a difference between the legs and the body so it works to improve blood flow, thereby not only reducing knee pain but also preventing wrinkles effectively. In particular, this sleeping position is also helpful for those who walk a lot during the day.

Put a towel under the nape of the neck

Your head area will be fully rested when you sleep in this position. Therefore, it is best to use an orthopedic pillow or a rolled towel under the nape of your neck to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Choose the right cushion

A soft cushion will probably bring comfort and comfort. However, scientists have long proved that too soft pads will damage the skeleton. Meanwhile, the mattress with good elasticity will be the perfect choice for the spine, blood circulation, especially anti-wrinkle effect.

Moisturize before bed

Many studies have shown that 90% of wrinkles appear prematurely due to lack of moisture in the skin. Therefore, you need to get in the habit of applying moisturizer every night before you go to bed. In this way, during sleep, the skin is provided with enough moisture and necessary nutrients against wrinkle formation from deep within the skin.