Sparkling kim - hot trend summer highlights 2019

Applique stone, brilliant sticker

The sticker or the brilliant stone, sparkling enough colors are very popular Korean girls, Thai and hot girls in America this summer. Derived from the highlight of the festive season, the trend of attaching stones and stickers to the face has been modified to be easily applied in many cases.

A small gold star in the eyes of the eye combined with the tin is enough to create accents, making the face stand out.

If you like "cage", you can attach lots of stones of all sizes to your forehead and cheek like Pony to create accents.

Or you can use a small hologram sticker to increase the reflection effect under the light.

With the eye-catching makeup - cheeks, using a lot of emulsion and sparkling stones, your face will stand out, suitable for taking part in exciting festivals or beach holidays.

This makeup style is very popular with Korean, Thai girls and hot American girls this summer.

"Bespoke" eyebrows

"Bespoke" is a term commonly used in apparel, the idea of ​​plots, or "unique" items that are sewn separately, made separately at the owner's request. In makeup, too, if you want to be different, try attaching stones to your eyebrows. Depending on how creative you are, you will have a unique, different and new look.

Angela Phuong Trinh loves to apply Bespoke eyebrow style to increase the accent on her face.

This type of makeup can be applied to a lot of materials, you can use stone, sticker or tinsel to attach to the eyebrows and corners of the eyes to create a highlight.

Sparkling freckles

Fake freckles returned and caused fever in 2016. The freckles spots were carefully dotted with the cheeks and nose of the female, adding to the seductive charm. This is a unique way of beauty that is popular with makeup believers.

Especially, recently, the trend of fake freckle makeup is now changed in sparkling, eye-catching metallic form.

Korean girls love to apply sparkling freckles.

The blushing cheeks were full of tears, using a bit of sparkling freckles to create a very innocent, sweet beauty. Sparkling fake freckles help the face become mysterious and meek.

Applique dried flowers

If you love feminine, gentle style, still want to stand out, instead of all kinds of colorful stickers or stones, try attaching some pretty little flowers to your face.

A few beautiful little flowers, with gentle colors like light pink, light yellow are attached to the cheekbones, the eyes of the eyes will help you achieve a beautiful dream beauty.

The trend of dry flower embellishment is very popular with the hot girls of Kim Chi province because of the sweetness and sweetness that this makeup style brings.

Korean idols are also actively promoting this type of makeup.

Gold in the face

If you're a personality, instead of using sweet tones, try choosing a bold color like an authentic queen: metallic gold.

The make-up style with golden emulsion makes you instantly arrogant and powerful.

With the fragile makeup "mist mist", adding sparkling gold leaves will make you attract all attention, become a luxurious, gorgeous lady.

This type of makeup is suitable for attending parties and festivals because of its prominence and originality.