Suggest a girlfriend how to make up for a better nose than aesthetic

If you are longing to own a high, straight nose but do not have the courage to beautify by cosmetic interventions, you can apply some makeup tips 'trick' to help the nose bridge. become taller and more straightforwardly effective.

The first thing you need to do is to complete the foundation and prepare all the specialized tools to carry out such as make up brush, foundation, foundation and foundation. Next, depending on the nose shape, there will be 3 makeup tips as follows:

1. Flat nose shape and wide nose wings

Most Asians own a nose that is not as tall and compact as Westerners, plus the wide nose makes the face become not elegant and poor. However, you can completely overcome this disadvantage if you know how to apply the following makeup steps:

- First, use a solid color powder that is darker than real skin to hit a straight line from the top of the eyebrow to the nose to create a sense of a slimmer nose bridge.

- After that, use a dark foundation based on a circle in the nose, then lightly apply it naturally.

Note: Those who own narrow nose wings can use the high nose bridge with light foundation on the sides of the nose.

How to create high nasal block for those who own a flat nose and wide nose wings

2. Flat and short nose shape

For those who own a flat and short nose shape, you should use a solid color chalk and makeup brush to draw two small lines parallel and about 1cm apart from the top of the eyebrow to the tip of the nose, then use your hands to spread. lighter for more natural drawing lines.

Then apply a light powder on the forehead and the area between the two lines.

Finally, use a chalk to create a darker block than the chalk to lightly beat on the sides of the nose.

This makeup will make your nose rise naturally without having to raise your nose.

3. The nose shape is quite high, neat with big nose tip

This makeup is usually applied to those who have a large tip, so in the implementation process, you need to be careful and detailed over the two ways.

- With this nose shape, you should use chalk to create a darker color than the skin color and hit carefully on the vertical line of the bridge of the nose. Note that the thick tip at the tip to create a sense of compact tip.

- Next, take light colored chalk to hit the nose but it is best not to show the contrast too large.

In addition to using foundation powder, makeup experts also revealed a small tip that can help the nose look taller and slimmer, which is to shorten the distance between the eyebrows. The steps are as follows:

- Use the pinky finger placed vertically between the distance of the eyebrows. This is the minimum distance between the eyebrows that you have to keep.

- Determine the length of the eyebrow tip you desire. Mark the position with either lead or eyebrow powder.

- Use a semicolon technique to extend the end of the eyebrow to the position that you have marked.

This style of high nose is suitable for gentle makeup days and does not have to create.

Above are the makeup tips to help the nose become taller, more elegant that they can apply to own the dreamlike nose shape without having to touch the cutlery.