Suggestions 5 ways of eyeliner beautiful and extremely outstanding

5 beautiful eyeliner styles that help you 'transform' your appearance in just a few minutes, you don't need to spend too much time and still stand out.

Eyeliner is an essential makeup step to look more attractive. In a myriad of beautiful eye makeup, winged eyes are the style most loved by beauty believers. However, not everyone mastered eyeliner drawing operations. If you are new to eyeliner, especially wing-type, refer to the following YouTuber tutorials to find out how the person suits you.

Eye liner leaves the indispensable makeup step to make the look more attractive.

With big eyes

In the eyeliner way for eyes with large eyelids, you should start from the eyes. The eyeliner from the eye head makes it difficult to manipulate when dragging the line back. Better yet, start drawing the eyeliner at about 2mm from the eyes. The thin line stretches throughout the eye. The pre-eyeliner shaping makes it easy to manipulate in the next steps

In the next step, starting from the eye's tail, the pathetic pathway moves upward. Connect 2 lines together and use the pen to fix the eyeliner fixed. To remove the excess, you can use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of makeup remover, then gently wipe. For large eyelid eyes, you should use gel eyeliner or water eyeliner to easily manipulate the eyelid.

For double eyelid eyes

A nice eyeliner tip for her eyes is the double eyelid drawing of thin lines in the inner eyelids so that the eyes look big and round. If you attach a false eyelash, pay attention to the slightly darker person to hide the lash. From that line, pull slightly upwards to create the tail of the winged eye, remember the real one! Next, draw a small segment at the end of the eye bulb and connect to the original line to form a flat triangle.

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After that, use the pen and paint on the predetermined part. So you have the tail of the wing is extremely cute. But that is not the last step. You continue to use the pen to close the upper eyelid to perfect the glamorous eyes. In addition, to embellish the eyes with more personality, you can draw a darker border on the eyelid.

One eyelid eye

If you are a one-eyed girl looking for an eyeliner, you should definitely visit Kicki Yang's YouTube page. Not only guide the beautiful eyeliner style, Kicki Yang also helps you determine what kind of pen is suitable for the eye shape. For eyes with one eyelid, the way to beautify the eyes is slightly different from the normal eye shapes. You should use eyeshadow to paint before applying eyeliner. This makeup step helps the eyes look more natural.

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Let's start with the bold line pressing on the upper eye area, higher than the eyelid. Use silver and emulsion eyeshadow to adorn the eye and eye socket. Continue using pale peach or nude colored eyeshadow to paint on the lower eyelid area and spread a little on the head of the eye. In the next step, spread a little brown eyeshadow on the eyes to create accents. Finally, use less dark eyeshadow to add to the upper eye area.

After completing the eye makeup stage, now continue with the eyeliner. Using a pen with 2 lines, 1 line comes from the upper eye and the other line comes from the lower eyelid. Drag two lines up and intersect to create a wing shape. Next, use a pen with eyeliner along the eyelid on the upper eyelid so that the contour is connected to the eyes of the eye's wings earlier. To perfect the beautiful eyes, you can use false eyelashes to look more attractive.

Deep eye shape

For deep eyes and close eyes, pay attention not to be too bold on the head of the eye. This only makes the two eyes look less harmonious, not creating the desired beauty. Start with the real line at the end of the eye that extends to the eyes. Next, drag a thin line at the end of the eye upward. Then draw a small line from the top of the eye upwards. Connect 2 lines to create a small wing shape. These wings are not soft and look a bit like Batman's wings.

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This type of eyeliner is especially for those with deep eye sockets. This type of eyeliner makes the eyes more attractive. You can add more boldness to the wings of the wing if you are in a glamorous makeup style. With this eyeliner, the "window of the soul" looks clear but doesn't age you because of the thick line.

Short lashes

For Asian girls with thin and short eyelashes, it is very important for eye makeup to stand out. Beauty tips you should know is to start eye makeup with gel and finish with water eyeliner to make makeup longer. First, apply a little gel with eyeliner and a border on the upper eyelid that extends to the end of the eye. Next, use eyeliner gel to lightly light the upper eyelid on the upper and lower eyelids. Using the eye brush, the wing line extends from the eyes.

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To make your eyes look more radiant, you must rely on eyeshadow. Note that using bright colors such as peach, light pink helps your eyes look more natural. Keep grooming your eyelashes with mascara and don't forget to press your eyelashes. Finally, use a water eyeliner to adorn the tail of the eye more clearly, while also keeping it long.

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