Suggestions on how to attach the eyelashes are quite opposite but extremely beautiful and effective

If you attach fake eyelashes

One of the biggest mistakes people make when applying false eyelashes is not waiting for the glue to dry. When the glue is too wet, false eyelashes will likely fall out around midday. Instead, wait for the glue to dry a little, from 10 to 20 minutes. After that, stickers will be much easier.

Anyone who is new to makeup will acknowledge that mounting false eyelashes is a super difficult task. It looks so simple, but in order to attach beautiful and elaborate false eyelashes, you need to do a lot of steps: apply glue to the lash of your eyelids but apply it sufficiently, not too much, not too little - wait about 1 minute for the class The glue becomes thicker and begins to have adhesion - attaching false eyelashes so that it is very close to the lash line and calibrated to the right. It is possible to say false eyelashes like a game of chance that is almost impossible to succeed from the first try.

Also by mounting traditional fake eyelashes so hard, so the tip of the "false" false eyelashes tip of Raye Boyce vlogger has caused fever on Instagram over the past few days. Although it has been posted since the end of June but until now, the clip of how to install "fake" fake eyelashes but extremely easy to implement, gives her beautiful results still shared equally on Instagram. and so far has reached nearly 1 million views. Many netizens even commented that this is a beauty tip that changes their lives.

And this is a close-up of how easy it is to mount reverse pseudo-lashes:

The reason why this is called "paradox" is because you won't apply glue to false eyelashes, but apply a thin amount of glue directly to the lash similar to the eyeliner. This ensures that the glue is evenly distributed over the eyelid, which helps the false eyelashes stick to the maximum. If the type of eyelash you use does not come with a brush, you can use the old eyeliner brush.

After you spread the glue on the lash line, the glue has become more dense, you can use tweezers and false eyelashes without waiting any longer.

After all, use 2 fingers to gently squeeze the false eyelashes into your eyelashes.

Many beauty believers have tried this new fake eyelash tip and said they succeeded right from the first try. Not only easy to implement, this way of attaching mi also has other outstanding advantages such as fake eyelashes sticking better, not being deviated, minimizing the situation of glue sticking to the eyelashes and easy to remove the eyelashes.

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