Summarizing a series of Vietnamese star makeup to learn for the New Year's days

Makeup has never become a thing for ladies. So in this New Year, everyone needs to "mix" more than everyday to be more brilliant. But saying that does not mean that everyone draws their eyes, sharpens their lashes too much or puts on a prom style, it simply takes a bit of makeup to make their face more beautiful. Vietnamese stars also have the same idea when everyone shows off her gentle, delicate beauty, clear makeup, and accentuated eyes.

Undeniably, the thin eyeliner line high at the eyes makes H'Hen Nie look attractive and arrogant. Of course, no one saw the Hau Ee "playing well" because the makeup was extremely suitable with the traditional red dress and the high bun hairstyle with elaborate brooches.

Huong Giang welcomes Tet with a stylish "all-black" outfit with sweatshirts and boots over knee high. She also cleverly chooses accessories of bags, cardboard hats in ash gray tones and red lipstick color for a more charismatic face.

Besides the ability to mix standard and trendy clothes, Ky Duyen is also very popular when she always wears beautiful "heart-stopping" makeup. Not only the New Year but every day, red lipstick and full lip lipstick is always a priority of Nam Dinh's beauties. If more observant, you will also see Ky Duyen drawing eyeliner close to the eyelashes to create depth for the eyes.

Phuong Nga runner is not much different from every other day, still a gentle image like "muse" and a sweet and cool face style. But that was enough to conquer the public already!

Without bold makeup, creating a sharp block that looks as cold as always, Minh Tu of Tet 2020 is tenderly visible. Still orange-brown makeup tones but beautiful people have cleverly "modified" for softer.

Like many other beauties, Minh Hang chose the same lipstick color and is the typical color for lucky and bustling New Year. The singer-actress has received numerous compliments for her youthful and fresh image.

Sam won the heart thanks to his doll-like face. Female MC loyal to the lipstick color "cake" red orange, beat cheeks felt and did not forget to highlight the lower eyelid to have more sparkling eyes.

Si Thanh intentionally chose a matchy lipstick color and a delicate pink mist makeup to "age hack" easily but also looks more attractive.

If you do not like bright red lipstick, you can learn Sun Ht in a mysterious red tone. However, in order to attract a proper face, adding more eyes and cheeks is not redundant.

Dressing up a classy lady like Kelly Nguyen playing Tet, you can attract attention to everyone. No need to be too fussy, a few brush lines, a few makeup techniques are already "genuine oysters" than this!