Thanks to her husband in makeup and bitter end to Nha Phuong

After more than a year in the same house and having her first daughter, Nha Phuong's happy family life has always been a topic of concern in the newspaper. Although everyone is busy with their own projects, Truong Giang and Nha Phuong give each other sweet attention in the smallest gestures.

Recently, the actress "Youth" has posted a short video recording backstage a very funny scene with her husband. On her personal page, Nha Phuong excitedly revealed: "When my husband painted my face on the MV for beauty. Make-up by me. Stylist by me. Camera by my husband." However, when pressing the button to watch the clip, many people have to laugh because of the finished product of Truong Giang.

Specifically, Nha Phuong and Truong Giang have to dress up as old men and women to participate in a scene in Duc Phuc's newly released MV. Therefore, instead of everyday, the mother of one child will have a make-up artist to transform the appearance to be more glittering, with a new and not so beautiful image, Truong Giang's wife reluctantly "weighs". "even the makeup artist.

Not only meticulously wearing bandanas, adjusting hair, tying the scarf in the right way but every stage of makeup how to make his wife transform into a genuine Western mother of Truong Giang in the clip made many women could not help doubt about the skill of male comedian of Quang

Even the smallest details on the face such as eyebrows, wrinkles or black teeth are all groomed as much as possible. When looking at her wrinkled and old face, the actress also had to say: "I'm so pretty, so you guys make it worse" or "Your eyebrows are so pretty and can't do worse. where".

And despite turning the old lady, Nha Phuong's face was still extremely beautiful and radiant. Maybe it is because of the skill of Truong Giang is too good, or because she is too happy because her husband will sometimes cum in stages from preparing clothes to makeup like this.

The short clip posted in the moment of Valentine's Day couple's comedic love has quickly attracted the attention and envy of the online community. In particular, disguised as the old man and woman holding hands until the gray hair goes away, Truong Giang and Nha Phuong not only attract attention because they are too happy but also because of their extremely beautiful and beautiful appearance.

It can be said that under the painted hand of Truong Giang's husband, the "old lady" Nha Phuong, although her skin was slightly wrinkled, her teeth were no longer white but she was still absolutely beautiful. This is also one of the rare times when people see Dak Lak beauties try out this old and strange makeup. Because for many years, whether still single or mother of a child, the actress "Youth" is still loyal to the gentle, innocent makeup that contributes to the beauty and beauty of the beauty of the beauty. yourself.

Possessing a delicate face, pure and pure lines, Nha Phuong just needs to be close to the natural, clear makeup layout that is enough to attract many people. In particular, with the advantage of bright eyes and sweet smiles, Truong Giang's wife pays special attention to adorn these two parts to make her look more glitter.

As for Nha Phuong, she did not fall into the thick foundation or block, sharpening mascara. The makeup formula of 9X beauty is a plump foundation, eye shadow with ton - sur - ton lip color and slightly curled eyelashes.

In addition, the favorite makeup of the mother of a child is often inclined to bright colors such as orange, pink, orange . so that it not only helps to turn on the radiance of the face but also brings the appearance. youthful.

Light lip gloss is also a makeup technique that Phuong Phuong often applies to bring lips more plump and seductive. Depending on the time of the wife in Truong Giang, the dress has striking colors or basic black and white, the lip color is also changed to light and dark so how to create a harmonious and suitable overall.

Owning a white skin and a young baby face, Nha Phuong when at home, just a little orange lipstick is enough to "eat off" her twenties.

Even with a bare face, the charismatic and sweet, gentle beauty of Nha Phuong is still kept intact.