The beautiful makeup trick of the female Friend Zone

Not too much twist, no heavy content, but not boring and insipid, "Friendzone" scores with Vietnamese audiences because of its close plot and charming transmission. That is not to mention the match screen of the main couple Palm (Nine Naphat) and Gink (Baifern Pimchanok).

Anyone who watches Thai films must be familiar with Baifern, she not only has a variety of acting but also makes people fascinated by her beautiful face. Plus the pure and eye-catching Korean makeup style, Baifern really made netizen fall.

Beat the "fog" background

Most Thai stars are affected quite a lot by European American makeup, they especially like fairly matte (but matte) background, but Baifern goes against the majority, she likes the style during the Korean style "mist". National.

In addition to choosing light and thin substrates, Baifern also selects hightlight pearls, not copper gold tones like American style. Thus, the pure and natural effect will be multiplied several times.

Brush lipstick in a blurry lip contour

Baifern must be a pretty hard fan of Korean style makeup because the speed of catching trend is quite fast. The fuzzy lip-brushing trend just broke out in the land of kimchi, people have seen her apply continuously recently.

Notice you will see, this girl has a pretty heart, but Baifern often restricts brushing bold lip and fancy lips. Instead, she chose only bright lipstick colors, dulled the skin and blurred the lip contour to look youthful, tender, natural, not too sharp, "serious".

No sharp eyebrows + bright eyeshadow

As mentioned above, Baifern's layout makeup almost follows Korean standards, so in addition to thin background, she also limits makeup too sharp. You will rarely see Baifern with thick, long eyelids or cat eyes with a high tail. She usually only lightly edged a line close to the eyelashes, called to press a little, then focused on eye-catching mascara to make it round.

In addition, Baifern also rarely smokes dark smoky eyes but is always loyal to bright, warm tones like pink pastel, oranges.

Do not forget all kinds of lip gloss

The way Baifern chose lipstick was as varied as her acting style. Baifern not only takes care of lipstick, lipstick, but also lip gloss. Along with light background, simple eye makeup, the use of lip gloss also helps Baifern's make-up layer more "misty mist". You will only want to look forever but it is difficult to stop your eyes.

In order to beat the beautiful lip gloss without being overshadowed, Baifern will often lighten a deep layer of color into the lips and then apply a thin layer of gloss just outside. This is also a secret you can consult if you want to try this style of lipstick.