The combination of gold products in the beauty village will give you perfect skin

When the weather in the summer with the peaks of sunshine is at the signaling for the change of skin care process. Besides protecting the skin with sunscreen - the beauty step is indispensable every day, how to keep the skin smooth, smooth and non-oily in all circumstances is what any girlfriend Any interest.

The combination of sunscreen and a popular beauty product below will help the newly protected skin both shiny and white throughout the summer.

Moisturizer + Sunscreen

And for young people who want to minimize the beauty steps and stop only at the smooth white nursing, avoid darkening black sun, the ultimate technique is to use sunscreen combined with moisturizer.

Accordingly, a layer of moisturizing cream is applied first to provide enough moisture to the skin, making the skin taut. Then, a layer of sunscreen will be a "shield" that protects the skin from signs of aging, darkening and preventing optimal skin cancer.

However, this combination is only suitable for low-defect skin. By lane more bruises if you want to become more perfect, it will need to need other products to conceal defects.

Cushion + Sunscreen in spray form

For girls who often wear make-up, familiar procedures that everyone needs to be on their feet are using sunscreen first and then apply makeup class. However, how to not "break up" the make-up class that you have woken up early in the morning to paint when you want to touch up the sunscreen? The answer here is the perfect combination of cushion and sunscreen spray.

Spray sunscreen in this case will always be the task of creating a light sun protection layer, "locking up" the substrate so as not to make a big impact on the makeup. Just be aware that spraying the sunscreen on a regular basis can protect your skin full and radiant throughout the day.

Sunscreen + CC Cream

For those who need to move a lot, require perfection from morning to evening for important events, the combination of sunscreen and CC Cream (light thin, no squash, adjustable Skin tone and moisturizer) will help the durable substrate throughout the day without fear of skin being cakey. One plus point of this method is that you will not take time to reapply sunscreen during the day.


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