The formula for light-skinned, clean breakouts from bitter

Bitter is no stranger to the sisters but the great works in the beauty of this fruit is not know.

Bitter bitter weldability, temperature, boost your metabolism, the effects are very good in the treatment of acne for women in the period of the spring bar. In addition it also makes the skin smooth, bright white clear, is weapons of extremely good to protect your skin in the summer. Now let us do skin face mask bitter!

Acne treatment

Bitter help cooling, promoting metabolic processes in the body should have very good effects in the treatment of acne.

Under which you get bitter truth slim and sliced up onto the skin acne. Each week 2 times so you will quickly receive a positive effect. Also don't forget to rinse the face after 20 minutes to apply.

Skin Whitening

There are the vegetables that we use every day but never known uses of it. Currently, the specialist in dermatology that still, bitter fruit is good and most benign help whiten the skin. Your skin will be refreshed and smooth strokes more than thanks to suffering through.

First of all clean the melon and then offer pureed. Gauge over pureed mix with chicken egg white and then up onto the surface. To such resources can combine relax for about 15 minutes for the mixture seep into the skin. Finally, rinse the face with warm water. The mask by suffering through this special can help the skin is being scarred back fresh, bright white beautiful skin will naturally and absolutely safe.

To have smooth white skin you can detach removes bitter, removes the seeds and juice get water to lather up the face. The nutrients contained in bitter will nourish and regenerate new skin for you.

Weight loss

In bitter fat purification component. Also according to the study by an American scientist that showed if each day using 1 gram of lubricant purifying ingredients ingredients can prevent the body absorb about 100 grams of fat.

Every day you eat at least 1 result bitter to lose fat and eat to preserve quality of life if we eat living without processing such as: FRY, Cook ...

Or you can also cut the bitter into thin pieces 1-2 mm, for drying the Pan up, go back to the island is dry water. Take dry finishing move into Brown, let it cool then sealed box, stored in the freezer compartment, can to be 2 months. When to drink take out hot water to mix tea as normal, everyday drinking 3-4 cups.=