The 'golden rule' when makeup

If you have acne, use a cream background!

You have acne, use a cream background

When you have acne you should think of that first is to use a cream background layer to obscures it. Cream background almost suitable for all ages, especially from 35 to become. It will bring radiant, natural look for you. However for ages about 20 then the background will make facial cream you are not so natural instead of using cream background, you have the butcher used a small amount of concealer and then covered up on the same chalk layer is thin and smooth.

Never rub when topical cream concealer

When you obliterate concealer, use fingertip between or soft sucking pads to Pat the cream be impervious, absolutely not rub directly onto the skin.

Light makeup

A little point of the Bowl will help you more natural and radiant beauty.

In any age, when all bold makeup makes you look real faces "disaster". If you use creamy at the same time in the background, the Red chalk, chalk coated PU foam, mascara, eye-rims, skirting the line of the lips, eye shadow and lipstick every day is not the look not nice that you will increasingly be dependent and very harmful for your skin. The suggestion is that you only need to use concealer, mascara and lipgloss. A bit of this point will help you beautifully radiant and more natural.

Always use sunscreen

Ultraviolet from the Sun is the major cause of the signs of aging and pimples on the skin in any circumstance. So, you take a lotion regularly to protect your skin.

Color hair dye

If you want your skin clearer then please use dye highligh. But also remember that before deciding to choose the dye would also be on the basis of their natural skin color tone.

Harmony point page

Harmonious makeup always bring you the best natural beauty

You can use many ways to DAB the chalk or son as fingers, sucking hairy palms or cotton. On top of that, you need to blend the layers of chalk so that they do not show patchy on my face. This makes the class makeup takes wild and preposterous.

Vaseline is "allowed color task" of you girl

Vaseline is very good but cheap, it is also used to bleach the eye page a very effective way.  Also vaseline was used to heal severely dry cracked lips lanes by smears vaseline over the lips, and then use a soft brush to gently massage. Then you just take the soft paper wipe is the lips you have become very soft and silky.

Tip Use the same tone between lip and eye color

If you want to use the same lip color tone with eye color but don't know how, you can use the following tips: use a small amount of vaseline mixed with eye color and then lather up the lips, the effect will be very good, you give it a try!

Always try before you buy

If you are intending to purchase a blow son or cream background, try them first. You need to make sure that you know exactly what I bought and effectively bring your beauty is like.

Keep the tool clean makeup

Makeup tools are directly in contact with the skin and the area around the eyes. Therefore, you should clean them by regular dry and dried Palm and cotton types. If not, they will cause acne or affecting the cornea.

Regular page removal

Face skin very sensitive to Kohl. So, you don't get the kind of cosmetics on the face for too long. Please purge the page and wash face every night to purge away the layers of makeup during the day. They will help the skin beautiful light and airy.=