The Korean beauties are invincible with their own makeup lip gloss

Despite knowing that Korean idols have a lot of beauty but not so when trying two lip glosses, matte lipstick, everyone is equally beautiful and easy to conquer. Accordingly, there are people who are more charismatic when wearing makeup like Sunmi, Yeri has people who are surprised at the buttons regardless of how the makeup style changes, typically the case of Jisoo, Won Young, Jennie.

Possessing the achievement of "balancing" the difficult lip colors that few people dare to try, so Lisa is not difficult when wearing lip gloss or matte. International girls look cool how cool with makeup style lips, then become much more attractive when applying more lip gloss to make lips fuller.

Not long ago, Jennie had a fever with a lovely peach makeup style. Not difficult to recognize, not only did she have cheeks flushed orangled, but she also scored with pretty lip gloss. Compared to the style of matte lip paint, Jennie in the baby makeup style is much younger, more youthful, but regardless of makeup, she exudes a characteristic chic.

Despite knowing Jisoo's beauty, all lipstick styles are pretty. But undeniably, the clear makeup, glowy skin and smooth lips help YG visual female receive the rain of praise from netizens. Even the Marie Claire magazine of Hong Kong also posted a picture of Jisoo sparkling makeup on the website and Facebook and called her the spring fairy.

With white skin, natural eye / cheek makeup looks like no makeup, so Irene needs to choose a fresh lipstick to keep her face from looking washed out. Agree that Irene is still pretty with lip gloss, but only when applying matte / red-pink matte or semi-matte lipstick, will the eldest sister of Red Velvet exude with all her beauty.

IU showed a different atmosphere in both makeup styles. It is easy to see that 9X female idol completely conquers 2 different styles of face painting, different lipstick, one is cute, innocent, the other is noble, powerful. Many fans said that "national sister" just kept on sweet lip gloss, that made the people "hug her heart" already!

IZONE's 16-year-old center makes people go crazy about their dreamy beauty without waiting for their age. Of course, she is also excellent whether she wears matte lipstick or gloss, but she must be tired of the more trendy lipstick style, so Won Young wears this style.

Similar to Jang Won Young, Lee Sung Kyung only polish lip gloss when necessary, but every day she only appears with hard lips. And it is true that the fans saw a more beautiful Lee Sung Kyung in the dry, natural makeup, the lipstick applied to her lips gently without drying like a tile.

If the style of face painting with easy lip gloss makes Wendy younger than a few years old, then when she switches to matte lipstick, Red Velvet rose to look more attractive and mature.

Yeri increasingly shows that her beauty is not just medium when her charisma is similar to her, but her makeup style is also diverse, new and attractive to fans. If you see Yeri looks like a sweet, innocent sister with peach orange makeup, glossy lips, you will be even more surprised to see that she looks so sharp when wearing reddish brown lipstick.

Lip gloss or matte, matte or glossy, Nayeon is also pretty, lovely and nothing can be criticized. But even so, many people think that the Twice member looks more "stable" with the familiar lips.

A follower of genuine matte lipstick is indispensable for Sunmi. She wore a matte lipstick like rice, and it was rare for her to appear with a pretty light lip gloss. It is easy to understand, because every time you brush your lips, choose a dark color tone as if the charming queen of Kpop is more impressive.