Truong Giang makeup fake girls, but fans see more like Nha Phuong

Along with a makeup style, wearing a hairstyle, taking the same angle, the hottest couple of showbiz. Because people still think that couples with faces with similar lines are couples with generals, born for each other. Song Joong Ki Song Hye Kyo, for example, Jang Dong Gun - Go So Young. It is Korea, while in Vietnam there is a couple who are very similar, that is: Nha Phuong Truong Giang. Especially when comparing the image of Truong Giang makeup, wearing a wig for girls, it becomes clear to the general that he is similar to Nha Phuong.

When placed next to the image of Truong Giang makeup, she has a similar appearance. Along with a shooting angle, wearing a wig, this couple also has big round eyes, a tall nose, lips that are like casting from a mold.

In fact, the photo was taken a long time when participating in an ancient drama. But accidentally was ransacked and paired with Nha Phuong to clearly see the similarities between the couple. It can be seen that, with the advantage of big eyes, high nose life, it is only easy to make makeup and use hair to cover the face, he is much more beautiful. Not only talented boys and girls, possessing many similar lines, they often wear double clothes so the "beauty of the bride" is even more pronounced, making the people jealous.

Truong Giang and Nha Phuong married last September and are loved by many people. Experiencing many waves and rumors, they have come together and until now, still many people are jealous of sharing happy images together. Especially, during this Year of the Pig, they will also welcome the small family member.

They often wear double clothes