Use cosmetics deodorants there risk?

Many people often have the habit to spray a cosmetics reduces body odor or underarm sweat secretion to avoid rolling before leaving home, but they don't know this is one of the many disease-causing hazards for humans.

Body deodorant or anti sweat secretion is the type commonly used cosmetics to applying, spray or roll on the "create the smell" of the body like the armpits, legs to reduce odors, essentially due to excessive sweating caused. Most deodorants and products against excessive sweating on the market are often synthetic, so it is very toxic to our skin, if used frequently also cause many health problems. So, best not use restrictions or the cosmetic kind. If used, or select the cosmetic brand reputation. It is best to have a lawyer consulted by experts.


Cause rashes on the skin, allergies

In cosmetics, scented products, able to hold moisture, making cosmetics being dried because of weather conditions, manufacturers often use propylene glycol compounds. Propylene glycol is a known skin irritants and can lead to rashes on the skin, causing skin inflammation, will lead to severe liver damage, kidney. In addition the glycol propylene also promote the process of skin aging, dry skin. One of the toxicity of propylene glycol is it heading neurotoxin that can affect the central nervous system. It's best to avoid using deodorants have large concentrations of propylene glycol on the label.

Cause of Alzheimer's disease

One of the components has the effect of weather-resistant sweat is aluminum, and when sprayed onto the skin, it prevents the sweat glands secrete sweat through the skin. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been advised of the use aluminum causes Alzheimer's disease by through research scientists had evidence that, in the brains of Alzheimer patients, abnormal high aluminium content. Besides, when inhaling the aluminum salts in deodorants, anti sweat secretion can lead to asthma.


Can cause hormonal imbalances

Most deodorants are products containing parabens as a preservative. They are found in many types of cosmetics such as lipstick, mascara, Concealer, cream background, or skin care products such as lotion, shaving products, sunscreen. Paraben is usually absorbed through the skin, it can affect the balance of hormones in the body. The main hormone imbalance is mainly lead to health problems such as menstrual irregularities, makes the girls will wake up early. On the cosmetic kind often have names such as Propylparaben, paraben methylparaben or ethylparaben, butylparaben.As well as other products in deodorants, anti sweat secretion also paraben, it makes the body's hormone imbalance causes obesity, osteoporosis, rare in men, late menopause late, increases the risk of breast cancer. ...


Although not yet have specific research, but scientists have set off doubts about the link between the use of deodorant against sweat secretion chẩt with cancer of the breast. According to research, in deodorant products against excessive sweating are main components as aluminium salts. This has the effect of making salt main se, to help shrink pores so sweat can not reach the skin surface details out.

Some previous studies have demonstrated the compound aluminium salts (aluminum and aluminum salts) can be absorbed through the skin and cause changes in the estrogen receptors of breast gland cells. But the scientists said humans absorb this substance not only through the skin, but also into the body through eating. Of many people that the kind of deodorant spray, anti sweat secretion that causes breast cancer because we usually spray onto the skin surface, where aluminium was again absorbed through the skin, the deodorant spray near the breast, breast cells vulnerable to influence. According to the American Cancer Society, until now I still don't have clear evidence about the relationship between breast cancer and aluminium salts, but sure that aluminium salts impact on cells in the breast, including cancer cells and healthy cells of the body. Therefore aluminium salts are suspected as the cause of breast cancer causes.=