Vague chemicals in cosmetics

Stick paraben is cancer

Visit Tan Chanh Hiep market (District 12, HO CHI MINH CITY) on these days to see everything is completely normal, the traders still sold a lot of cosmetic products. In a cosmetic cream bottle purchase, I asked Thorakao snail skin (a product list is revoked), she said the sales do not sell this product and warned: "she was know that product contains substances fa, fa something cause cancer. I don't use dangerous nghen. " "Fa, fa is what substances she?"-I wonder.

Ms. squiggly recording sales on the glass but didn't get the word I say and write into fa. She is also enthusiastic sales provide more information from now buy my products keep the letter fa, fa don't buy, had cancer.

Just few steps from sales sister is countless other cosmetics counters. I visit a wet bar with 2-3 clients are asking to buy my products. It seems that people weren't interested in the active ingredient that is only interested in the brand and the advice of the sales person. "I heard the radio report said about American food information paraben something revoked, I know this information?"-I asked. "Oh, just with the new severance revoked smuggled children, stocking decent companies do it"-nhảu confirms quick sales.

When asked, adding the authorities there down the message, explain about recovery for the business shop cosmetic sales, she said no. At the same time, she insisted chunky wholesale at the store properly sourced should definitely not have been revoked. I asked to buy ice cream products for oily skin, she sells ice cream box introduction B. B Cream (of Maybelline brand). See I'm curious ingredients, she whisked away corporate assertions from worry. But when buying and inspection (components are in tiny print), ice cream box still has a lead in the category of substance is recovered of drug administration is isobutylparaben.

Not only in the area of Tan Chanh Hiep market, as we survey the many cosmetic store in VAP, Binh, 12, most store owners do not know the information or answer float banned substance information dream about this. The seller does not know well, buyers left as unknown. Even on some socialnetworks, some people warn when buying cosmetics keep the tail had the best part of paraben do not buy. Not a few office workers, who often contact information, also proved to be surprised about this information.

When asked the cosmetics at home are using that contain 1 in 5 are paraben derivatives is recovered or not, Ms. Lan (Phu Nhuan district) completely unaware of this information. Still some others yet know but just as heard on television, but insists that is using every long Vietnam should make sure no matter what. While there are quite a lot of free cosmetic brands have products located in the revocation list.

Made, portable throne

Some sisters, who often use cosmetics, upcoming share will switch to using homemade cosmetics or for peace of mind, because the overseas goods more secure items produced in Vietnam. First of all is the story of selling natural cosmetics made by the "experts" do natural cosmetics have had from long.

On a number of social networks is very easy to search the cosmetic products are advertising nature, bearing the brand of small retail sellers. This product out the real stars are very difficult to verify. Even, there are online stores also sell raw materials to DIY users, in which preservatives are usually natural herbal notes.

Meanwhile, many laptop purchases have not really reassuring. Not only Vietnam has specified the products are paraben derivatives in the category. The story begins on September 18, 2014, through checking the cosmetics Committee European Community doubt some derivatives paraben can cause cancer and affect reproductive health.

Consequently, the Agency issued rules updated 5 leads this substance on the list of substances prohibited for use in cosmetics. The European Community has decided to give the recovery roadmap and banning cosmetics containing 5 derivatives of paraben. The Council of the ASEAN cosmetics has also updated the new rules regarding the substances listed above, the recommended stop using these substances to substitute safer chemicals.

To ensure the health of the community, drug administration (Ministry of health) was also out of time to stop circulation of the products contain paraben's 5 leads. Next, 28-7, drug administration issued 421/QD-QLD posted the Department of health about the recovery of the votes announced cosmetic products with near 2100 cosmetics imports and 142 domestic manufacturing products containing paraben derivatives.

Therefore, the consumer should beware when purchasing cosmetic products sold online are portable goods advertising. In addition, there are now some people who sell cosmetics online also induce clients by way of the information here is the product I was using, and post pictures of your lovely face, Whitty.

Consumers remain vague about the toxic ingredients in cosmetics.

And even more important to think of the sales person cosmetics containing parabens substance will cause cancer also have not done correctly. There are no fewer consumers proved to be very puzzled. "According to the list of products withdrawn, we have more in the long run could get cancer or not?"-Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong (District 3) disturbed.

This fact shows that the authorities need to have information explained more clearly to avoid confusion, understand the psychology wrong. Can see, the authorities have yet to determine the information, advocacy to people, especially the retail shop, the general store, where the direct effects of the ban.

And unknown to the 15-day deadline may 8 recall products contain derivatives of 5 paraben or not, when there is less product in the category are still being sold openly.=