Vietnamese stars and personality makeup, not everyone fits

Has been promoted since 2018, but until now, the wet hair has not cooled down. The evidence is that a series of stars from the big entertainment industry are racing to apply this trend when appearing on the street or red carpet events.

Not only baby Heo, Elly Tran also once lost points when combining a "hair before drying" and makeup layout like her aunt. The biggest loss is that the hair is so wet as if it just came out of her bathroom, which made the mother and daughter receive many criticisms from the online community.

As she is very hard to pursue new trends, Bao Anh also has to "face salt" because the application is not successful. If only she wasn't so big and dark, sure that Bao Anh's name will not be on the list of bad makeup stars of the week.

Huong Giang also lost the soft, luxurious beauty often seen when having wet, wet hair like this.

Despite taking care of styling curly hair apricot hair before the forehead more graceful face, Angela Phuong Trinh still failed to combine a liberal hair style with a magical makeup.

From the case of these "fragrant" beauties, it is easy to realize that although the "dry before drying" hair style can give you the most glamorous and liberal appearance, but if Combined with inappropriate makeup, the beauty of women will be completely downgraded.

Therefore, to be able to pursue the trend in the most stylish and confident way, you can refer to the makeup layouts that come with this wet hair from fashionable ladies across the tournament. mind. Make sure you will make many admiring gaze, admiring incessantly.

As one of the leading long legs in Hollywood, Kendall Jenner is a girl who is always at the forefront of the trend and has never let fans down before trying any tough fad. With this glamorous wet hairstyle, long legs combined with makeup hit the brilliant red lipstick to enhance the look.

Applying the same formula as Kendall Jenner, but Fan Bingbing chose red lipstick more inclined to darker tones to transform into a charming and sexy lady.

After "falling" style when the hairstyle was not dried, Elly Tran also learned from her experience. She chose to be close to the nude makeup layout, with extremely fashionable earthy lips.

As expected of the most stylish beauty in the entertainment industry Vbiz, Ho Ngoc Ha completely scored 10 styles when promoting the trend of wet hair with impressive nude makeup. How to style the back flap helps the mother to bring out the delicate facial features.

Meanwhile, Chau Bui has also been praised relentlessly for her extremely fresh and dashing appearance even for liking this "wet" styling. All glances at the event.