Want face more radiant, glitter, update immediately trendy trend of Metallic makeup

In addition to the colorful suits, metal colors are also favored by modern girls to diversify their styles. Not coincidentally, the Metallic color is so much promiscuous, it's because of the striking sparkle that will occupy the attractiveness of the people around. Accordingly, most girls wonder, which makeup will suit the sparkling outfit in a subtle and harmonious way?

However, the answer is not difficult, because with this sparkling fashion has Metallic makeup style, also attractive and personality for the girls to confidently stand out. And below will be the perfect makeup steps to have a Metallic style face:

Step 1: Type background

As with many other makeup styles, the background when makeup in Metallic style also includes step-by-step steps such as lotions, foundation creams, concealer and finally powder coating.

You should note that, with this style of makeup when the lip color is iridescent, it is advisable to use a very strong layer of skin, to avoid the appearance of a full face.

Step 2: Eyeshadow

With this style of makeup, the best she should choose pink eyeshadow to spread the eye part, then use the tone of nude color to lightly touch the middle of the eye. And an indispensable task is not to forget the eyeliner and sharpen the maccara eye to emphasize the charm and depth of the eyes.

An important step in this make-up step is the highligt light on the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose to create contours for a more harmonious and harmonious face.

Step 3: Eyeliner

This step is not too new and difficult for girls, depending on the eyebrows and hair color of each person, you can choose black or deep brown lead to make a sharp eyebrow. definition.

Step 4: Lipstick

The highlight of the Metallic makeup style almost lies in this makeup step, the unique feature is that you should choose golden eyebrow lipstick, this is the perfect choice for this style of makeup to create a strong personality. strong for women.

These plump, golden-colored lips may have been mistaken as a lipstick, but a . gold-woven fabric, because its metallic emulsion has only liquid gold to match, most is when covered on the lips like gold in the lips immediately.

Perhaps in the eyes of some people, Metallic makeup style is a bit personality and a bit eccentric, but it is undeniable that this makeup style brings a very attractive and unique beauty for girls. . Therefore, if you want to discover the new, unique girls do not hesitate to try once according to this style of makeup look okay!


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