Want to celebrate the beautiful New Year, please summarize the ways of Vietnamese stars to lose weight immediately

For artists who work in showbiz, it is very important to have slim body. So many people have come to the foods that are capable of losing weight, maintaining a beautiful physique but not harmful to health. Celery juice, quinoa seeds, or overnight oats are reliable choices for a dieting diet.

Celery juice

Since early 2019, celery vegetable juice has gradually become popular and become a drink of choice for many people to take care of their health. It became a global craze from Europe to Asia when it was actively promoted by the famous hot girl Kylie Jenner.

Images of celery juice cup posted on Instagram story by her.

According to scientific studies, drinking celery juice will significantly increase the amount of magnesium, help relax muscle tissue, relax the mind and easily fall asleep. Not only that, celery juice also has many other uses such as reducing inflammation, laxative, improving eyesight, reducing blood pressure, preventing cancer, etc. , tomatoes or cucumber, . The trend of drinking vegetable juice needs to help detoxify, beautiful skin is also very popular Vietnamese stars. Many famous artists such as Lam Truong, MC Nguyen Diep Chi or hot mom Thuy Anh have shared about this drink.

Singer Lam Truong combines celery with green apples, cucumbers and green bell peppers.

MC Diep Chi also combines celery with apples.

Despite being a mother of two children, but hot mon Thuy Anh still keep slim body with the secret of drinking celery juice every day.

Quinoa (Quinoa)

Quinoa is considered a 'super food' that has many health benefits, and can also help maintain your physique thanks to weight loss. Nuts are rich in both nutrients and antioxidants. Also quinoa seeds help control blood sugar, better metabolism and also help to lose weight.

This is also the type of food used by many female stars to keep fit, beautiful skin, can eat instead of rice or added to daily meals. They posted photos on Instagram and shared the effects of the nuts as well as recipes so delicious.

Toc Tien ate quinoa seeds instead of rice, switching from traditional white rice to this kind of grain for daily meals.

Lan Khue also shared pictures of meals with her quinoa, often eating them instead of rice, or adding them to other dishes.

Oats soak overnight

Another healthy food is oats. Oats help prevent cardiovascular diseases, support the digestive system, strengthen the immune system, prevent cancer, reduce stress and fatigue, and especially it also works to lose weight.

Oats can also be processed into a variety of styles, but overnight oats are considered to be a food that both provides enough energy and helps keep you in shape. Usually oat seeds will be soaked with fresh milk, fruits, nuts in glass jars from the night before and used for breakfast the next day.

Actress Tang Thanh Ha shared the lines about home made oatmeal overnight made by her own hands.

These are considered 3 extremely effective foods, helping you not to be too fasting, fussy to keep slim body and a beautiful skin. Living and eating healthily is a trend now, so you should update this useful information to be able to live healthier, healthiest as possible.