Way or help you use the cream never gets moldy wallpaper

(MissNews)-You want to use a cream background that never gets moldy just follow the recipes here!, lotion, cream background wallpaper, makeup, moisturizers, exfoliation ...

Skin is required

Photo : Way or help you use the cream never gets moldy wallpaper

Way or help you use the cream never gets moldy wallpaper To use the background from being cream dry skin you must focus.

To overcome the skin mold when the pollen, the core thing we should remember is that moisturize the skin. With the faithful beauty, daily skincare procedure seems to have become a "mantra" is pleased that every she can read fluently as poetry-green bowls.

In addition to the mandatory nutrients such as step cleanser, toner, serum and cream, then in winter you should note two important things that is drinking enough water and exfoliation.

Mix the cream background with skin care products

Cream is one of the popular skin care products can be mixed with a cream background to create a smooth skin, spotless. If says that this is the kind of ice cream with the effect of "godlike", nothing is wrong. Nutritional functions and protect your skin, when mixed with cream background will create a moisturizer containing relative coverage, easily delete any defects on face, balance skin tones as well as provide a layer of makeup to stretch the ball as dewy.

Use makeup sucking pads

Many women feel the lather cream background by hand is easier and they can apply all the amount of cream. But actually doing so will reduce the effect of the cream background go very much. To use the cream background properly, you first make the data stored on the vanity of a Mammoth sized pieces vìa. You can use a flexible way of sucking pads for each small angle on the face to get a background layer of natural and perfect. If you have dry skin, then use the pieces to dry, sucking a thin layer of the cream, the background will remain longer. Also if your skin is oily and the mixture then use the wet sucking pads to create a background layer and natural light.