With just one detail, the Thai witch was beautiful in every frame

Surely with the gentle and feminine beauty of her she will "tight beautiful" series of guests present at the event. However, Huong Giang seemed to yield to the famous actress of Vang Mai Davika temple when they were in the same frame.

Although Huong Giang is very charismatic, powerful and attractive, it is still "inferior" than "the most beautiful ghost" of Thai screen. Part of it may be because of Mai Davika's radiant beauty, full of vitality, has gained the upper hand compared to the haggard face, tired eyes of Hau. The rest is because the prominent makeup with neon-colored eyes of the Thai beauty has "lit" the entire image.

The sharp and fresh beauty with the outstanding makeup layout of the second best beauty in Thailand also overwhelms the already beautiful beauty of Camila Cabello.

Earlier, in the fashion show of a brand, Thai American not only made a face for French cosmetic firm in Asia but also was invited to be a model. The confident and charismatic steps of Davika on the catwalk are no less than any professional model.

Even, standing next to the most beautiful Miss in the world in 1994 Aishwarya Rai, Mai Davika was not drowned. And once again, the sweet makeup with the lemon-yellow accents on her eyes helped her to become the upper hand.

The smooth white skin, the elegant face and the clear but striking makeup of Mai Davika at Paris Fashion Week made the fans sobbing. Thanks to this makeup class with impressive neon tone, the beauty of the Golden Temple can attract all eyes regardless of any Queen.

It can be said that, although it is one of the makeup trends that are difficult to apply every day, but eye-catching with vibrant neon colors is considered the most popular trend in fashion world in the past. Throughout the recent Fashion Week, it's not hard for fans to catch eyes with bright yellow, pink or blue.

For this type of makeup, you should only focus on the eye with neon colors that are bright and eye-catching. Besides, you should modulate makeup base layer and choose lipstick color, blush very gently. These are the top important factors for a more radiant face without making flashy errors.

In Vietnam, this makeup trend has been pursued by sexy beauties. In particular, Chi Pu is a girl who is very interested in eye makeup layout with a series of floating tones that few people dare to experiment.

Dressed in sparkling pink costumes, the voice, "Hey, stay up" also applies to her bright pink eye color. In order to soften the overall face, the beauty chooses a soft nude lipstick color.

Sexy and sexy beauty of Chi Pu is fully expressed through this impressive makeup. With sparkling neon green eyeliner, successful 9X beauty attracts all eyes.

Arrogant and chic are the words for the former Ha Thanh hot girl to choose the orange of the outfit with the orange tone.

For girls who want to wear this makeup daily, you can follow Bich Phuong by eyelinering eyeliner with prominent colors such as red, blue, and yellow without causing any "eye strain".

A bit of rebellion by combining many eye-catching colors together will help you become the focus of all eyes.

Or like Jenni (BlackPink), the soft blue eye contour and not too sharp is enough to pop up the whole face without the need for too much lipstick.