Your guide of using mineral spray

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What is mineral spray?

Photo : Your guide of using mineral spray

Your guide of using mineral spray Can understand simple mineral spray is a type of skin-care cosmetics in liquid form, contains many essential minerals components containing the effects most notably enhance the moisture to the skin surface.

Maybe many still familiarity with the concept of mineral spray for face skin. Mineral spray product can understand is simply a type of liquid skin care cosmetics, contains elements of necessary minerals have featured effects for enhanced moisture to the skin's surface, and is produced in the form of spray mist creating (mist). If possible, the classification of mineral spray is grouped, skin care products and makeup classes support more beautiful.

Why you need to use mineral spray?

Keep long layers of makeup with mineral spray

In addition, you can use before, during and after makeup help chalk layer more stable, harmonious colours and restrict the skin mold when hit. After the makeover is complete, you spray the whole face up mineral and wait for dry or Pat the skin surface with sponge. This step helps keep drifting over long makeup class, at the same time prevent the phenomenon of skin too dry or too oily.

Mineral spray helps to relax than

Mineral spray is also effective for effects or stress. Any time of the day, when tired, you can spray onto the skin surface mineral to promote morale. To add the apples, you can set the spray into the refrigerator before sprayed on the skin surface.

Mineral skin protection spray

A recent study indicated that mineral spray contains mineral components has a strong protective effects of skin, offset PH balance and minimize harm from external factors such as smoke and dust pollution. Mineral spray enhances the moisture for your skin from 10%-20% and not create layers of oil. So, if your skin is sensitive or acne can also feel secure to use.

Clean the skin

Mineral spray clean the skin and do open pores, in the morning, you just spray onto the skin mineral is enough to awaken your skin after a long night.

How to use proper mineral spray for skin

How to use this product is very simple, you spray the solution onto the mineral, to natural osmosis and wipe dry after about 1 minute. When sprayed, so the most recent parallel sided bottles of mineral water, the way the hands. Sprays are a ring around the face, patting around 30 seconds.

Can also mineral spray whenever the skin feels slightly dry. This product can be used regularly every day 4-5 times.