7 pregnancy signs soon after relation

Out for blood

This can be viewed as one of the earliest pregnancy signs but signs are prone to "look suspended". This was due to many people mistook his period suddenly coming soon. After the eggs are fertilized from 6-12 days, the lining of the uterus will be sprung out cause vaginal bleeding. However, only about 20% of women having this case. Bleeding after insemination is often just a few small streaks, pale than normal or dark brown and appear only in 1-2 days.

If you notice carefully, in addition to the blood, your body also creates a less opaque white, due to translation cells in the vagina are growing, becoming thicker to make "nest" for the eggs.

There are signs to help you identify early on that she was pregnant or not.

Changing chest

The change of thyroid hormones is also a sign of pregnancy to note, as when increases the amount of blood supply to the breasts make you feel hot flashes around the head and nipples. In addition, the size of a ring is also significantly increasing the pain attached to the news than usual. Even people who still feel little pain when touched. If the drill, you may also notice the skin around his first becomes black, than usual.


In the first week after you conceive, your body almost being squeeze due to continuous work nonstop to provide nutrients for the fetus. The heart also beats faster help increase oxygen to the ovaries. Moreover, the increased body temperature also makes you lose more energy.

Back pain

You feel pain in the back, this is also a sign of early pregnancy for you. When you have the vote meant the tendon in the back were stretching, abdominal muscles become loose and the body in the back are more positive activities. This leads to severe aches along the spine and they become even more uncomfortable when the fetus becomes bigger. However, this back pain feeling the same sense of back soreness before each menstrual period should not normally be notable.

Difficulty breathing

In the early days of pregnancy, sometimes you will feel chest pressure and shortness of breath feeling. The cause is because the body is not yet familiar with the hormone changes and work to provide more oxygen to the fetus is developing in the womb.

Mood change

"Bright sunny rainy afternoon" is one of the identifying characteristics of the daughter. However, pregnancy, hormonal changes in the body also makes your psychological easy swings more than a thousand fold again. Are body bags, tired, in the blink of an eye you can already get angry, feel sucked in person.

Urination disorders

If you suddenly urinating more than normal then this could be an early signal to know you were pregnant. The early months of pregnancy, the uterus enlarges inserted into the bladder, the bladder causing upward push she elected to minor several times.=