8 foods rich in protein 10 times meat


Asparagus may not be popular with some pregnant mothers in large cities. However, mothers can easily find them in supermarkets or in large market areas.

With protein, fiber, glucide, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, folic acid . abundance, asparagus plays an important role in improving the fetal brain, helping children stay healthy and develop comprehensively. both physically and mentally.

Soy bean

Top-ranked soybeans in protein-rich foods. Talking about the protein in plants, they are the most complete because they are full of amino acids for the body. In 1 cup of cooked (pure) soy milk contains approximately 30g of protein. In addition to soy milk, you can eat tofu in addition to daily meals or hot tofu, stone tofu is also an option to reduce heat during hot days.


According to the study, the amount of protein in butter is higher in cow's milk and protein in butter than in protein in beef. Because the protein in beef does not exist in the liver (the body produces proteins for the body). Thus, pregnant mothers take advantage of avocados for snacks to bring diversity to the meal. The mother can process into buttermilk, pickled butter .

Corn (corn)

Corn is a food that many people love because the sweet taste is easy to eat. For pregnant women, corn also brings a lot of benefits for children. Each corn grain contains up to 5g protein, 5g fiber, 41g carbohydrate, . and some good nutrients for fetal brain such as folate, omega-3, omega-6 and a series of vitamins B, A, E, calcium , zinc, iron, copper, .

This type of food is a source of benign protein and is extremely useful for pregnant mothers who have eaten meat and fish. Besides, regular eating corn in pregnancy also helps pregnant mother have beautiful, smooth skin. The fetus also receives miraculous effects such as preventing neural tube defects, preventing defects, improving the digestive system and helping the baby's eyes bright and beautiful.

Broccoli (Broccoli)

Broccoli provides many nutrients but has very few calories, extremely suitable for pregnant mothers who do not want to be obese or gain too much weight. Broccoli provides plenty of protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and fiber. These nutrients are a great help to pregnant women to have a healthy pregnancy. Abundant protein in broccoli will nourish the rosy fetus, develop comprehensively.

The mother can process broccoli into different dishes to change the taste like stir-fry meat, steamed shrimp, stir-fried beef, stir-fried chicken is very delicious.


The pregnant woman should add bananas to her daily menu to help her body feel better. In bananas, 0.4 mg of vitamin B6 is a very good conductor that helps the pregnant woman to fully absorb nitrogen. Thanks to that, pregnant mother will always be abundant in positive energy, always feel comfortable and stronger.

Besides, bananas also bring a large amount of calcium to strengthen and perfect the fetal bone system, improve the digestive system and prevent neurological disorders to the fullest extent.


As a very attractive fruit because of its sweet taste, mangosteen is always in the top of the most popular fruits. Not only is it famous for its deliciousness, mangosteen is also 'pleased' with people because of the beneficial nutrients they can bring.

This fruit is rich in protein, fiber, iron, phosphorus, vitamins B1, C, . will provide adequate nutrients for the fetus during the period in the womb. Mangosteen also helps mothers to repel stress, relieve stress and keep the spirit of relaxation. In addition, they can repel high blood pressure, allergies, and better the ability to prevent cancer.


Cabbages are often called 'gods', because of the enormous amount of nutrition they bring. Not only folic acid, iron but also in spinach also provide abundant protein. In 100g spinach, contains about 3g protein. It's great that pregnant women have just added folic acid and protein in just one food. Moreover, fiber in vegetables also helps mothers no longer with constipation during pregnancy.