Exotic woman story Vietnam born two children separated by 1 month

Don't know her most thai

According to her account, as of this moment, the couple she has 4 grandchildren. Shortly after the birth of her sister, the second Border went put the IUD. But the habit of going to slash, ice forest, climb the pass made at or turned round. Until the discovery of his belly more and more to the new Editor, I know its "breaking plans". However, just as the first grandchild, 2 during pregnancy to birth, she does not Border close to visit township clinics, ultrasound, tetanus vaccination or drink iron tablets as the other pregnant women. Even, on 4/5, she also does up the infirmary child birth, but thanks to my midwifery at home. Thèn baby born weighing Trip Van 2, 3 kg.

B. the finishing was 13 days, she still found his belly Border to unusual. Plus the baby was newborn jaundice Trip, husband and sister decided the Bong together closing up the hospital General Hoang Su PHI. Share with a REPORTER, Dr Nguyen Thi Hanh, Director of the hospital, said She takes the first visit to the Border in Pediatrics, after the visit for you, see the mothers abdomen hard and still signs to be switched.

"The doctors visit directly to Ms. Editor, see no maternity room as normal in the new born, the cervix begins to open. An ultrasound showed that her sister also a Border in the uterus of a fetus . After determining through the rural health workers, civil, define Border sister just born baby Trip was 13 days at home, the doctor had suggested she stay in Border Institute track, waiting for the next grandchild, "DR Nguyen Thi Hanh said.

Also according to Sedo's sister, Nguyen Thi Hanh, BS after the hospitalization was for days but did not see signs of labor so the couple fled home Institute. On 3/6, IE, 29 days after the baby's birth, Ms. Bien up laying pain. She continued thanks to sister-in-law midwifery and gave birth to baby girl named heavy cloud, A Thèn 2, 5 kg.

Two twin babies after baby: baby special before 29 August. Photo: materials

The case of hi hữu

Centre Manager DS-KHHGĐ Hoang Su PHI district, Ms. Ha Thi Thuy when Exchange with CORRESPONDENT has confirmed the story, sister he Eastern born two children 1 month apart is very strange but correct.

Ms. Thuy said, A Marginal living where Machine is the Township borders especially hard. Ms. Bien family itself is also poor households. According to the report of the dedicated staff, collaborators of the population, the border had 2 children, has put the IUD after childbirth. "The story" broke "because the plan polls IUD for the high mountains not far from strange. Due in part to the perception of her children in the consultations, RH care are limited. Part anymore due to the hilly terrain characteristics, the sisters are up slopes down the pass, heavy work constantly so many cases at any round or not losing, "Ms. Ha Thi Thuy said.

"In fact, the work of the media, providing RH/KHHGĐ services, mobilization of people to visit health facilities, childbirth in the station is very difficult. The marginal way house itself clinics 6-7 km Machine Copies Township come on but goes back very hard. In addition, customs, the butt, who Both here do not want other people (except spouses) see "cunt" of women, including medical staff, especially doctors. That is also the reason why the rate of relative born in peoples homes, the very high current midwifery ", Ms. Thuy share more.

According to DR Nguyen Thi Hanh, the case of a woman's pregnancy dilemma other Oh, wrap the cake is the Editor of vegetables should be whether a fetus is born before then, fetal 13 days left in the abdomen are still normal development. DR Nguyen Thi Hanh said, she had never heard of or witnessed a exotic so would. Also according to the ASSOC. DR. Vu Bá Decision-the Director of the Central Hospital, he had heard of the world have the same birth day not twins, but in Vietnam more than 30 years, then a doctor obstetrician, he had never seen such cases.

Exchanging the same PV Report MANAGER socio & physician, Tran Ngoc Ha BSCKII-Deputy Head of gynaecology, hospital-Paediatric Danang said: here's the case of hi, y van Vietnam has never recorded a ca b. strange, rare and would be hard to explain.

According to the BSCKII Tran Ngoc Ha, normally in a double births, two I just separated for about 10 minutes, then slower, the couple, have separated case 1 day. This may be the case of the woman with bipolar disorder States ovulation, irregular ovulation. Normally the only woman fall 1/1 egg cycle, but the back shed 2.3 eggs then it is unusual. However, when the egg and sperm have nests in the uterus, the cervix will produce a mucous, preventing the buttons "object" other intrusions. If there is one more "elite" would "sneak in" to continue the same other eggs fertilised (as other States fertilization bumper phenomenon) is very difficult.

BSCKII Tran Ngoc Ha said that the extra property to specify the border have met any malformation of the uterus, cervix or not as double uterus, 2 egg sleeves. By actually, there are pregnant women have a double uterus (though very rare), 2 eggs, the hose should be whether each pregnancy, pregnancy back duplex bearing is located in a different womb. To answer this question, Dr Nguyen Thi Hanh said: the doctors visit for the marginal extra direct determine this woman totally normal, not having any genital tract malformations. Obstetric professionals recommend bringing extra production case in A written medical Vietnam Lù to study, learn more thoroughly. It is known that up to now, two grandchildren (had been more than 2 months old), I (more than 1 month of age) remain normal, healthy development. Ms. Bien itself well enough milk feed two. =