Fish pregnant women have died of hunger also do not eat

(MissNews)-Mother (pregnant women) should not eat these fish to avoid causing harm to the fetus, the mother fish feed, fish should not elect to have high mercury content, ...

Not everyone knows should eat something good for your health. Many of the misconceptions is that fish is good for anything she elected, however not fish is also good for women. There are several types of fish, she elected to remain should avoid as far as possible.

Photo : Fish pregnant women have died of hunger also do not eat

Fish pregnant women have died of hunger also do not eat Kthe hips to fish is also good for pregnant women.

Mackerel, swordfish

During pregnancy, the seafood is the source of the food supplement is important. Because this fish rich in omega-3 fats, vitamin B, iodine, selenium and vitamin D.

Many studies have pointed out, the type of nourishment in the kind of sea fish is especially important for the development of the brain in and breast-fed her.

However, the parents elect to eat a variety of seafood and avoid eating fish such as shark, fish, swordfish, mackerel to avoid the risk of exposure to mercury from certain types of seafood.

Fact, when absorbed large amounts of mercury into the body, this metal is very dangerous for the development of the brain and the nervous system of young children. Tuna

Tuna is also the food that the food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the environmental protection agency recommends pregnant women, and should only consume a maximum of 175 g of tuna per week.

The reason because the tuna, contain mercury concentrations higher than 7 times compared with 4 types of fish contain more mercury that the FDA recommends that pregnant women should not use. Therefore, pregnant women should also eat lots of tuna. Moms need to know about the types of fish to eat

But TS. Steve Abrams, a member of the Board and is the Medical Director of infant nutrition program at Baylor medical school said, while women need to be aware enough about the fish that they eat, then also by chứngchorằng, the mother who used the products from fish is beneficial for the brain of the child.

"The purpose of the dietary guidelines is to give people a way to eat healthy, should and should not use any foods. Benefits of omega-3 fatty acid in the diet is clearly higher than the daily risk of exposure. The problem is that you need to use a variety of seafood and not limiting yourself in just a few categories, including canned tuna ".

Concentrations of mercury in the oceans are rising due to the increase of industrial mercury emissions. Plants, zooplankton and small fish also have to absorb a small amount of mercury before the larger predatory fish.

Over time, the kind of large sharks and swordfish accumulate high concentrations of mercury. is, the health officials recommend the fish such as sardines, salmon, tilapia is located at the bottom of the food chain and have accumulated less mercury in their tissue.

The benefits of eating fish in pregnancy the mother for a developing fetus is very clear. In a study of Harvard University on 135 mothers and babies, the researchers tracked fish consumption during pregnancy and the mother's hair test to measure levels of mercury exposure. They discovered that for every mother fish eat rations every week during pregnancy, score the test your Visual memory increase Central bình4 point.

At the same time, the baby falling 7.5 points for each part in the rising mercury intake million the hair of the mother. The baby most on memory tests are the mothers who ate two or more servings of fish per week during pregnancy, but has been tested to have mercury concentrations are very low.

For those who like to eat seafood safely over, the magazine recommended the shrimp, scallops, sardines, salmon, scallop, squid, tilapia is the seafood contain less mercury. Also contain very little mercury is the black dot cod fish, minh Thai, flounder, croaker fish, shrimp, fish, salmon, mackerel, crab and fish in the Atlantic. Pregnant women should eat fish to how good new?

Pregnant women eat fish more than 3 times per week can cause harm to the fetus due to increased the amount of mercury in the blood. That is the conclusion of the Taiwan scientists published in the journal obstetrics and Gynecology international out March 1, 2007, was a reporter at the New York VNA quoted on December 28.

-Should only eat under quality types of seafood in a week.

-To eating fish good for health she should vote, not eat cooked fish dishes such as fish, shellfish, thoroughly cooked not very susceptible to the viruses and bacteria that invasive.

-Eating fish must be fed from sources of clean water, not poisoned, fresh fish, not to eat the dead fish and ươn.