Food can increase the risk of fetal malformation

Acidic food

Research shows pregnant women, eating too much acidic food will change the room in the body creating the phenomenon of acidification, do promote the level of Catecholamines in the blood increases. This phenomenon will make parents feel uncomfortable and create negative feelings in pregnancy, this stimulates the secretion of toxic substances in the body. This is the cause of the phenomenon of cleft palates, cleft lip and a lot of other distortions in the fetus.


When the mother drinks wine, beer, baby in the belly also "drink". Alcohol in blood of pregnant women transmission to the fetus through the umbilical cord. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can make babies born suffering from disorder due to the influence of alcohol on the fetus.

Foods that contain toxoplasma

Toxoplasma infection is acute infection early in pregnancy can cause hydrocephalus, small head, brain calcification in the fetus. The disease can also cause the mother suffers miscarriage, premature births, stillbirths, infant suffered seizures, paralysis, mental disorders and the risk of death by up to 72%.

Almost all meat kinds of mammals and birds, such as pigs, sheep, cows, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, geese ... all have that Toxoplasma infections. The main source of food is meat from infected animals is cooked, map, live ... So, to ensure that no infected Toxoplasma, parents elected to ensure cooked all the food before the "loaded" into the body.

Animal liver

Researchers in Finland and the United States have research and draw conclusions about the impact of the liver of animals with healthy pregnancy. Today, to fattening cattle, people often let animals eat a lot and of course the liver will accumulate large amounts of vitamin A.

Pregnant women eat more liver will cause no small amounts of vitamin A penetrates the body and this directly affects the development of the child, may even be teratogenic. Too much vitamin A supplements will directly influence the formation and development of the eyes, bones, blood, skin, central nervous system, liver, reproductive system, urinary system ... of the fetus.


Group of American environmental scientist has found 7 types of seafood including tuna contain mercury so large that pregnant women should consider before eating by them may be teratogenic. The doctors of Hong Kong also said, the fetus in the womb to absorb too much amount of mercury allowed can affect the development of the brain in the future, especially the young poor perception makes in learning and slow the development of other skills.

Potatoes grow sprouts

If pregnant women eat more potatoes grow sprouts contain high creatures, alkali alkali will accumulate in the body and cause malformations, the effects of eating the potato 252g-2 g 44, can make the fetus malformation.

Drinking water containing long in plastic jar

She elected not to use the kind of water, including the water to cool the plastic vase is contained in more than a week. Drinking water for long periods could be the environment incurred many kinds of harmful bacteria, Furthermore, some chemicals from plastics biodegradable can also cause water toxicity, dissolved.=


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