How to Improve Kids’ Writing Skills

Writing is an important practical life skill for everyone. Learn about activities that will help make writing a fun and boost your kids' writing skills.

How to Improve Your Child’s Communication Skills

Writing skills are essential for children of all ages because writing is an important part of education. Unfortunately, modern kids don’t have many opportunities to practice writing. In this article from experienced writers of educational portal that can be found at, parents will find advice on how to organize easy activities to help their kids develop strong writing skills in no time.

In our age of text messaging, email, and social networking, most kids don’t like the ideas of writing something by hand, especially, when it comes to writing essays in school. So it’s very important to encourage children to write since a very early age. There are activities that will help kids learn spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and many other things connected with writing a coherent text and have fun.

Read a Lot

Regular reading is the first step on the way to better writing. It helps enrich children’s vocabulary and learn numerous ways to use different words properly. When kids see how words are used in books they read, they learn to use these words in their own writings. Start reading early because it is a proven fact that many children who enjoy reading a lot grow strong writers. When children are too young to read themselves, parents should read together with them every day and encourage their love of reading.

Make It Fun

Play special writing games and engage your kids in activities that encourage writing. You may use crossword puzzles and word games. Little children enjoy playing ‘write the word’ game when they have to search for different objects and write a word when they manage to find each object.

When your child begs you for something, you may turn it into interesting writing opportunity. Tell him to write what he wants and explain why he wants it and what he is going to do with it, and why he deserves it.

Write about Experiences

All kids like to talk about their favorite things so you may ask your children to write about fun experiences such going to the zoo, family vacation, playing in the park. For example, if you go to the zoo, you can ask your child to write about an animal that he liked most of all. Even ordinary experiences such as going to the mall can become great creative writing opportunities.

Create Prompts for Writing Stories

Writing short stories based on interesting prompts is a fun way to improve your child’s creative writing skills. Your task is to create exciting prompts that your child will enjoy. For example, you can cut out pictures from different magazines with interesting locations or characters and write down words to them that your kids can use when writing their stories. It can also become a fun activity for the whole family.

Be Encouraging

Whether your kids enjoy writing or struggle with it, you should support and encourage them and always praise them for their efforts.You should show genuine interest in your child’s writing. Try to be positive so your kids can feel confident and enjoy writing.