Le Phuong showed off the menu when pregnant, the CDM in 'catch errors' discovered an abnormality

Since remarriage with her 7-year-old husband and pregnant immediately after that, Le Phuong's private life has always been interested by many fans. Currently the actress is in stage 3 of pregnancy. She has limited work, mainly at home to rest and concentrate on nursing.

Recently, Le Phuong just shared his menu and his "daily mission" on his personal page: "Every morning there is a glass of milk and gourd (today) a tiny Italian pasta dish, then take a tonic ( iron, calcium, micronutrients .), alternating meals are seasonal fruits, hardworking and nourishing skin.

She elected Le Phuong to show off the menu

Although it is just simple confidences, Le Phuong still receives hundreds of encouraging comments, compliments from friends and fans. " The more pregnant you look, the more beautiful you are. Congratulations. Try to eat, relax and give birth to a lovely baby, " commented one fan.

" She is pregnant but she has a lot of beauty, from facial features to skin to hair. Congratulations to you and your family, hardship is over, please live happily !", Another commented.

In particular, a fan when he saw Le Phuong posted photos of his fruits including pomegranate, pear, melon, and so on, immediately advised him: not use ? ".

This is a very useful advice on fruit at all times, always fresher and tastier, without fear of unseasonal preservatives or growth stimulants.

In response to this comment, Le Phuong said she still ate these fruits but changed alternately. Because of her love, she also regularly eat mangosteen.

The menu of his mother elected Le Phuong

Before that, the actress 'glutinous rice glutinous rice' showed off a series of photos with her husband and son going to the temple on the end of the year. In a minimalist black dress, Le Phuong showed off her abdomen suddenly big despite being pregnant for a long time.

It is easy to see that Le Phuong gained a lot of weight. Pregnancy in the first months but the actress has a clear appearance. She also looks quite energetic, active with a bright face, no signs of fatigue, morning sickness.

Le Phuong happily showed off to the fans who were unplanned after being married for a year and a half to marry 7-year-old Trung Kien. She hopes that her second child will be a girl.