List the food easy to make all you sick

-Peanuts and bean products-Coffee and foods containing caffeine-Milk and dairy products such as butter, cheese,-Yeast-containing foods-Sauerkraut-The meats are dried,-Animal Liver-Noodle soup Box or the package of onion soup mix-Banana too ripe-Foods that contain high amounts of sodium nitrate such as sausage, bacon ...-Foods that contain benzoic acid and some other preservatives.-Food containing MSG, taste substances (found in most processed foods)-Nuts-Sourdough-Vermouth, champagne, red wine and beer-Anchovy-Chocolate

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"Scroll" avoid these foods make you sick? Sometimes, even healthy foods can also make your body feel tired and weak. However, this phenomenon will not happen often because you'll rarely hear someone can seriously ill because of eating an Apple or someone suffering from intense headaches because of eating celery. However, the above phenomena can still occur for one of the few people with health disorders from the healthy food. This was due to the body of the people were overreacting to the chemical substances contained in the food. So, in addition to limiting the eating of the food make you prone to health disorders, what you need to do is to actively observe and test the foods you eat.  If there are any adverse health symptoms that repeats a few times when you eat some specific foods then you only need to remove the food from the diet. This is the best measure to you eating safely without harm to the health of myself and the other relatives of the family.=