Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

MissNews many people think that a good chef resourceful owner will need for her many different kitchen n c utensils But if you only have a kitchen kitchen

Many people think that a good chef, resourceful owner will need for her many different kitchen nực utensils. But if you only have a small kitchen, there are too many tools just makes you suffer entanglement. So the pick out the items actually needed for the new kitchen is the perfect choice.

Fridge "ideal"

Nothing to argue when calling the refrigerator is the "heart" of the kitchen. So, the kitchen Please note the points below to choose the "heart" the best fit.

Refrigerator capacity is usually based on the number of people in the family and living habits of the family. Experts said every person needs a minimum of 25 litres capacity, plus 25 litre backend. For example, a family of 5 people will need to buy a refrigerator from 150-200 liters. If you regularly buy more food to hoarding, consider a bigger fridge to food not being folded over each other. Currently there are many types of modern refrigerators from 300-600 liters.

Photo : Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

Refrigerator 2 door suitable for families from 2 adults and 1 child

The cooling mechanism: new generation of refrigerators with cooling technology of air conditioning, multi dimensional from the East will not spill to prevent wilt vegetables and flavors the food between the fresh, prevent from being mixed into each other.

Cabinet design: modern kitchen is a home, you will not want to be too time consuming to find, arrange food, so choose yourself a refrigerator compartment design archive science, consistent with the need to use of each Member of the family.

Photo : Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

The "refrigerator in refrigerators" Food showcase with clever storage compartments dedicated to each Member of the family

You should select the type of refrigerator has a warranty from 5-10 years from genuine or reputable Distributor. The characteristics such as: beautiful design, inspired or power-saving features should also be noted.

Knives and pots need to be selected carefully for

Any master chef would also be indispensable to a good knife and a good pot. Please search for yourself the real sharp knife blade. A set of basic knife in the kitchen include: multi-purpose Knife used for cutting purposes; Easy chef's knife cut, sliced, chopped; Vegetable knife to peel, cut, the fruit is a small tubercle; blade or cutters, used to fasten the bone, cutting the meat hash, and finally a good knife sharpener tool. To feel the texture and select suitable handles, you try to grasp with many different ways.

Photo : Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

Please choose for themselves the kind of pot has good material, high temperature, the dimensions match the cooking habits and long-term warranty time. A basic pan pot often includes 3 pot and 2 pan with sizes from small to large.

Photo : Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

Modern kitchen needs equipped with what?

When going to buy cookware for the kitchen from, you should bring along a piece of magnet to check, if a magnet sticks to the bottom of the Pan or pot, the type that will be used for the kitchen from.

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The new generation of refrigerators for the ideal kitchen

"Refrigerator in refrigerators" Samsung Food Showcase:

• largest capacity up to 630 litres, is the most senior of the Samsung refrigerators help increase the ability to store 20-30% in comparison with the products of the same size.

• storage compartment design science, divided into 3 areas reserved for the mother, Baby and family, help every Member find need 2.1 times faster.

2-Door refrigerator Samsung Pebble Blue

• suitable for family of 2-3 people. Beautiful purple green design, the ability to keep fresh food throughout the week thanks to the cooling system and the Moistfresh Dual Zone moisturizes for vegetables.

• optimize the storage capacity by using the multifunctional holder as well as the holder on the big door and deeper, pulling the sliding tray.