Mother elected to follow this technique to smart children excel from the belly, born tall, easy to raise

Help your baby feel the taste of the food

Don't forget to tell your baby what you are eating. The taste and taste begin to develop as soon as the baby is in your womb, and what you eat now can affect your baby's eating preferences later on. Drink lemon water? Let your child know what a "tart" taste is like.

Swaying with music

While you are rocking with music, take the opportunity to introduce your baby to actions like up, down, left and right.

Talk to the fetus

Your husband may find it difficult to bond with the child before birth, so don't be sad if he doesn't seem to be more enthusiastic than you. Studies show how babies can recognize people's voices and feel their love for them. Dad can tell me about all the fun activities they will do when the baby is born!

Supplementation of DHA / EPA during pregnancy

DHA, EPA are the unsaturated fatty acids, the main ingredient in Omega 3. Science has proven, DHA and EPA are the two nutrients that play an important role in the formation and development of children's brains. The adequate supplementation of DHA and EPA for children right from the time of the womb will help children develop brain better than those who do not or do not meet the needs of DHA and EPA during this period.

'Respond' to my 'messages'

As early as the 4th month of pregnancy, the fetus has begun to be able to feel things outside. Starting at week 18, the baby will have the first movement and after that, he will always prove to his mother by being more and more diverse activities such as kicking, turning, rolling , . Surely the mothers are excited and reassured each time the child expressed the 'message' that: 'I am present in the mother's womb'.

And to let the children know that I have received these 'messages' from you, you should not hesitate to give 'responses' to me. Rubbing the belly or touching the position the baby has pedaled will be considered the best 'feedback' way, creating an invisible link between the mother and the child, thereby helping the baby to form and develop a good brain. than.